HIIT Workouts – Useful Facts You May Not Know

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a workout regimen that features spurts of high intensity anaerobic exercise followed by short periods of rest. What makes HIIT unique from other workout regimens is the relatively short period of time it takes to complete one workout. Without including warm ups and cool downs, a beginner can accomplish a HIIT routine from 4-6 minutes while more advanced practitioners can do it anywhere from 8-15 minutes.

Those on the road to weight loss can benefit most from this anaerobic routine. Not only does it prevent you from reaching a plateau, it keeps your workout routines challenging and interesting. There are different kinds of HIIT programs that suit the varying fitness levels of each individual. These are: 1) the 30-second interval workout, 2) the 60-second interval workout, 3) Tabata training and 4) Body for Life HIIT. In all the HIIT programs mentioned below, sufficient warm ups and cool downs are a must.

The 30-second interval training workout is the most recommended for beginners. For starters, you can begin by doing 30-second sprints followed by 90 seconds of rest for 6 sets. Push your body even at the beginning so that you feel that the last few seconds seems impossibly hard. Try surviving the rest of the workout.

If you want a direct fat burning workout, the 60-second interval training workout is highly recommended since it will exhaust your muscles of whatever stored energy it has. For this workout, do sprints for 60 seconds and rest for 120 seconds. Decrease your rest phase to 90-seconds and finally to 60 seconds so that it equals your sprint phrase. Begin with 6 sets and gradually move up to 12.

The Tabata HIIT, developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata, is by far the most unique and yet the most effective, comparable to the muscular endurance built by 45 minutes of normal cardio training. The whole workout only lasts, get this, 4 minutes! This makes the Tabata workout not only ideal for weight loss but also for improving your performance in any aerobic or anaerobic sport. The Tabata HIIT is composed of 20 second sprints, followed by 10 seconds of rest with the whole routine done for 8 sets. This will be the most intense four minutes of your life.

The Body for Life HIIT program is composed of four sets of increasing intervals with each interval reflecting one minute long. Each set is four minutes long. Intensity is a major factor in this particular HIIT program. Start this workout at an intensity of 6 out of 10 which can be likened to a fast jog. Heighten your intensity so that each set excluding the last set ends of with the intensity of 9 (the fastest run you can do for a minute). At the last set, however, while you are already doing your fastest run, extend the set by one full minute going for an intensity of 10 such that you feel your energy reserves have already been depleted. At this time, go back up full pace and hold there for as long as possible even if by this time it's next to impossible to do so.

Source by Damian Candler