Hill Running For High Intensity Interval Training

Uphill training is intense, and it requires a good warm up. Make sure you are in good physical condition to tackle hills. Otherwise, work up to it slowly. Even walking up hill will be intense if you are untrained.

Hills are a great way to do interval training. You can do it with running, jogging or walking. Try going up the hill at your hard pace and then doing a slow recovery pace back down the hill. Repeat for more rounds depending on your fitness level, and gradually increase this over time.

You can do this routine on a treadmill if you do not have hills in your area, by switching the incline on your machine back and forth. A good starting point for doing interviews on a treadmill might be one-minute high intensity incline, and 2-minutes low intensity with no incline.

This is a great way to incorporate high intensity interval training in your workout. Basically, hill running will more effectively increase your metabolism and burn more calories than a longer, steady-paced, slower jog. Bottom line … you will get more fat burning results in a shorter period of time by comparison.

Running up hill uses more body weight resistance to push against, making the leg muscles work much harder. It requires a good knee lift, driving arms, and the calf muscles have to work twice as hard or harder than running on a flat surface. Like many boot camp routines, this will definitely improve both your strength and endurance … and you will notice how easy it will seem when returning to your flatter runs.

Pick a focal point at the top of the hill. Avoid looking down at your feet. Enjoy the hill, rather than fighting with it.

You will improve your strength in your quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, calves and back. The added benefit of building more muscle is what will help speed up your metabolism.

This type of training will put extra stress on the Achilles tendon, calf muscles, and quadriceps. After your cool down, some stretching exercises should be done in these areas. If you are unsure how to stretch, you can pick up my free stretching e-book.

Source by Lauren Miller