How Exercise Does More Than Burn Calories For Weight Loss

Many people understand that exercise burns calories, especially when you perform exercises at high-intervals. However, did you know that exercising has two dynamic impacts on your diet habits, including burning your body fat.

The first thing exercising does for your weight loss is that it increases your ability to stray away from junk foods, and we'll get into just how exercising does this in a minute. The second amazing thing that exercising has been proven to do is that it increases your functionality to be more sensitive to when you're really full or not.

Basically, your body will not "trick you" into thinking your not full, because exercising has been proven to give you a better sense to know when you're full or if you're overeating for extra fat gain. With these two key elements in mind, you must already be thinking to yourself that exercising is incredible for weight loss, but how come no one has ever shared this stuff with you?

Well, many people do not know that exercising does this extra stuff for weight loss plans, therefore they can not share something that they have not discovered. However, my job is to spread my knowledge specifically for those kinds of people, so they can share it with their friends for the process to repeat over and over. My only hope is that you'll definitely grasp these two concepts, and get that extra motivation to exercise more now that you have a clear idea of ​​why exercise really works beyond calorie burning.

Your Brain's Inhibitory Control In Relation To Weight Loss

There's a certain aspect of your brain known as the Inhibitory Control, that actually controls your unhealthy behaviors that seem as natural tendencies for most Americans nowdays. This definite "control center" for your inorganic behaviors is what makes you think twice about eating that package of donuts or downing that gallon of chocolate milk before a workout.

It's important to understand what your Inhibitory Control does for you in terms of weight loss, because this is absolutely dynamic for individuals looking to control their appetites and lose weight fast. It's also important to understand how this Inhibitory Control works because there are so many dinging temptations around us where we go, that it seems impossible to avoid eating junk foods.

However, this is very possibly if you can learn to increase this function of your brain and get it under control to benefit you. Although this neurological function is highly decreed due to the millions of temptations around, you can get it back up to par and take control of your appetite.

Understanding The Concept Behind Overcoming Junk Food Temptation

Now, since that certain function of your brain is proposed to increase your ability to overcome junk food temptations, you must think there's more to this concept, and you are very correct.

By exercising you're not only increasing your ability to fly past crap foods with ease, but you're also making it easier to make healthy decisions regarding nutrition. Your exercising habits increase your desire for healthy foods naturally, due to the Inhibitory Function in your brain, which means you have an easier time choosing healthy foods that benefit you over junky, processed foods.

Therefore, just by exercising, you're developing a natural desire to choose healthier foods that your body needsly needs and also increasing your resistance to junk food temptations.

A Forewarning With This Concept

Because we are constantly under attack with temptations from every direction, it's tough to not fall for junk foods. However, one way to motivate yourself is to understand this keep concept I'm about to share with you. That Inhibitory Control I went over earlier is normally decreed in strength and therefore becomes less functional and helpful for your weight loss plan.

Yes, research has proven that this function of your brain actually decreases and can become overused and fatigued like a normal muscle would. This is due to the constant pressure that this specific function is under whenever you have to decide between junk food and healthy foods. It may sound silly, but whenever you make the wrong decision and go for crap foods, you weakened the Inhibitory function of your brain even more, which makes it less beneficial for you in the future.

So, my tip for you is not to go for junk foods, but rather build up your natural tendencies to choose healthier foods by using your own willpower to go for healthy, nutritious foods. Each time you use your own willpower to select healthy foods over junk foods, you increase your Inhibitory Function even more, which gives you increased natural power to back you up in future decisions between junk and nutritious foods.

All I'm saying is make it easier for yourself down the road, and start making the right decisions now. If you do this, you'll do more than lose weight, but you'll do it fast and naturally.

Exercising Has A Second Key Effect On Weight Loss

Not only can pure exercising dynamically effect your ability to with junk junk foods, but it also does one major thing that. Your weight loss is highly dependent on your ability to know when enough is enough. Now I'm not just talking about food but I'm referring to beverages that contain empty calories as well. If there's one thing that many individuals have a hard time with, it's eating.

They do not know when enough is enough so they just keep eating and eating until they've reached a point of unhealthy weight gain. The problem is that these people do not mean to overeat, but they just eat so fast that their body does not confirm the "full" feeling until they've surpassed the point of gaining extra fat.

This is an unhealthy way of living and eating, and we need to fix this. Thankfully, exercising has been proven to deal with this problem.

The Counterattack Against Over-Eating Causes Fat Gain

Now, it is not bad that individuals eat, because we need nutrients and sustenance. It does become a problem though, when you over-eat and promote unhealthy weight gain. This especially occurs in your abdominal area, which makes developing six pack abs so incredibly hard. So, the question is, "How do you fix this over-eating problem?"

Thankfully, high-intensity exercising has been proven as a kind of "counter attack" against over-eating. The issue is that people over-eat due to the fact they eat too fast, and on top of that, they eat unhealthy, processed foods that hurt them internally.

Basically, a high percentage of people gain weight fast because they eat too fast and do not know when they're full.

This is a huge problem. Exercising comes in to solve this problem because it deals with the neurological problem that gives us an unsatisfied feeling when our bodies really have received enough food for the day. How does exercising solve the problem of over-eating and help you know when you've had enough? There is basically a certain function of your brain that tells your body that you've had enough, which produces that "full" feeling after eating a satisfying meal.

This function is decreed dramatically in most people, which is why they have the impulse to eat more, not knowing that their body really has had enough for the day. This neurological function is not strong enough to get the person's attention so they just over-eat each meal to the point that they gain unhealthy amounts of weight.

How To Increase The "Counter Attack"

The way to increase this neurological process and produce future success with weight loss is to exercise. To make it simple, there's a certain aspect to this neurological function that seems to react well to physical exercise.

This is why exercise dramatically affects your ability to sense when you really are full and are at that point of over-eating for weight gain. Exercising at high-intervals can increase your natural neurological processes and help you avoid over-eating. Do not be like most individuals and over-eat your way to unhealthy weight gain, but rather take control of your weight loss plan and exercise much more.

Why You Need This Underlying Exercise Knowledge

Now that you have an understanding of the underlying concepts behind exercise, you probably have the motivation to hop off the internet and exercise immediately. If you do not then let me go over these two key affects that exercising has on weight loss.

On top of burning calories exercising does these two things for fast fat loss naturally:

1. Increase your ability to resist bad foods and enhance your desire for healthy food

2. Increase your senses to know when you're full to avoid over-eating

Source by Jason Camacho