How Is High Intensity Interval Training Different Than Regular Exercise?

High intensity Interval training or HIIT, as it is more commonly known is a workout routine that helps you shed the extra ungainly pounds in a very systematic manner. Essentially, a method rigorously followed by sportsmen and athletes, HIIT aims at training your body without overexerting yourself. The basic point of difference between HIIT and any regular exercise module is that the former is carefully designed to cater to the needs of the body while incorporating intestinal workout sessions. Therefore, it is far more disciplined and scientifically sketched out in intervals so that the body gets enough time to recuperate because of the intense exertion it undergoes.

Regular monotonous exercises may tend to be boring and may not bear revolutionary results as we expect of it. But, HIIT offers your body new challenges, while you can keep testing its tenacity, motivating you to achieve higher goals than just cutting the flab. By training your bodies in regular intervals, as in the case of HIIT, not only are you pushing yourself to attain a fitter body, but you are doing so with a healthy outlook. It is all about how you time yourself and intersperse the heavy duty activities with enough breaks to ensure that your body can catch up with the intensity of your work out.

There are numerous types of regular work outs that we can indulge in that focuses on specific areas we want to tone, be it the abs, shoulders, chest, thighs or legs. HIIT combines all of them in a single holistic routine allowing you to work on the various parts of your body in the same time frame. Another hidden perk is that this training module is designed to be crisp, intense and effective but in a short duration. No more spending hours toiling through strenuous exercises till your body forces you to give up out of sheer exhaustion. HIIT program is created so that after every period of intense activity, your body is given enough of time to calm down and regain its energy before moving on to its next work out phase.

Dedication is again a key word when it comes to High Intensity Interval training. Not all good things come easy, so if you want to achieve a toned and fit body, you must be prepared to put in the effort. Therefore, it is important that you realize that the regimen once set, must be followed in a disciplined manner. A normal work out does not generally look into the specifics of losing weight systematically. It usually does not demand as much as dedication as HIIT needs. You have to keep in mind that the intense training in intervals is not a magical path to a slim body, but there are various external factors which help you work your way towards it. For example, while indulging in HIIT, you must balance your diet and take sufficient rest to recover the energy required for these work outs. Also sticking to your schedule is always good practice.

HIIT scores maximum brownie points on its versatility. You can always make your training regimen fun and challenging by using devices like dumbbells, treadmills, etc. or you can simply chalk out a High Intensity Interval training routine by incorporating your sprinting sessions in it

In a nutshell, HIIT does differ from just any regular work out technique, as it is flexible enough to accommodate new and interesting practices without sacrificing on its effectiveness. Moreover, the concept of letting your body recuperate after very strenuous activity can prove to be wise and healthy in the long run.

Source by Albert Pier Stan