How to Get Great Abs on the Treadmill

Most people do not think of a treadmill when they think of abdominal workouts. But the truth is that if you want to have that washboard stomach, then you need to do things that burn fat. Diet is a big part of great abs as well. Limiting your caloric intake and managing your diet so as to keep high fat and carbohydrates to a minimum will help you in achieving your goal of attaining great abs.

One way to get great abs on the treadmill is to vary your workout routine. Make sure that you are maintaining a solid cardiovascular treadmill workout, but add to it the idea of ​​HIIT. HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training. Start out on your treadmill with an easy pace that you can keep for ten to fifteen minutes. After about 5 minutes kick up the pace to a near full out run for two to three minutes, but do not stop afterwards, instead return to your original pace until you have your breath.

If you do this three times in a single workout you have employed the idea of ​​HIIT. So how does this affect you and your goal to get great abs on the treadmill? Most people think the treadmill only works your legs and butt, while in reality you are also engaging your core muscles while walking, jogging, or running on the treadmill. ESPecially when utilizing the HIIT method your abs will be engaged more than normal since you will be breathing harder. This will make your diaphragm contract more often which in turn works your abs.

The ability to get great abs on the treadmill does not only come from HIIT. A regular treadmill workout will also benefit your abs, but to a lesser degree. One thing you can do while on the treadmill that will stimulate your entire abdominal area is to wear an electronic muscle stimulator while running. This will totally engage your abs along with the normal internal abdominal muscles needed to breathe and keep things from bouncing around too much.

If you really want to get great abs on the treadmill, then try utilizing HIIT along with your electronic muscle stimulator. Be prepared for the treadmill and ab workout of your life! Be careful when doing this and make sure that you have plenty of water available in order to rehydrate yourself after the workout. Pay close attention to your body when doing this, if you find that you start getting dizzy, start to cramp, or stop sweating, STOP! Take a break and drink plenty of fluids.

Diet can not be overstressed in your quest for six pack abs. Many people find that they reach a plateau when trying for this type of definition. Usually, it is diet and caloric intake that will have the most effect if you find yourself in this situation. Reduce your caloric intake even more, but make sure that the food you are eating is healthy and nutritious. You may consider taking vitamin supplements if you are not doing so already.

With the proper exercise plan and a good nutritious diet you can get great abs on the treadmill. Just be safe and smart about it. Great abs are not usually attained by hospital visits.

Source by River C.