How to Learn to Set Your Mind to a HIIT Workout!

A lot of you have probably read about the very popular method to lose weight and gain cardiovascular endurance called HIIT workout, and thought about trying it out sometime. But surely it looks kind of rough and you hesitate because you think you will not be able to go through with it. You will not, not at first anyways. Except if you are a professional athlete or someone who's been doing similar workouts before. Doing an HIIT workout is not something you just start with right away. If you do you will stop after a couple of weeks, guaranteed. So how do you learn to set your mind to doing an HIIT workout? We will guide you through it in this article.

Firstly, if you've never worked before before, or done some form of cardiovascular workout, you should maybe reconsider starting with HIIT. Surely you should try it out, but not as a beginner. I highly recommend that you start off with some form of workout with low intensity. If you by any chance own a treadmill, go for a jog or if that is too much, go for a long power walk. Any form of workout with cardiovascular stimulation that will not make you feel exhausted is a good way to start. After a couple of weeks with a regular schedule of cardio (2-4 times per week, but be sure to recover in between the workouts) you can start off with some easy HIIT workout routines.

1. Be sure to not over-do it.
The first mistake a lot of people tend to do is going too hard in the beginning. I recommend not to, since the body gives the brain signals that I should stop when you go too hard. These signals are associated with negativity, which will eventually discourage you from working out. So what this means is that you should listen to your body. Do not go all-in and end up vomiting or fainting. I've seen too many people do that during my workouts. Be sure to feel when it becomes too much, and adapt the intensity according to it. If you do this you will instead associate it with positivity, since the brain will produce and release endorphins, which will make you feel happy and content during and after workouts. This leads to you wanting to work out again!

2. Document your progress.
To some, this seems like a useless thing to do. But I guarantee that it will make you happier. And when you are happier with your results, you want to work out more, which is your ultimate goal. When you do a HIIT workout, write down how many reps you did during the high intensity part, and do the same thing every time you work out. You will notice your progress, and it will make you content with yourself and boost your confidence. Take your pulse, Weigh yourself or take before and after pictures. You will be glad that you did!

3. Make the HIIT workout a part of your "must do" -list.
We all have our things to do every day. Work, cook dinner, wash the laundry, clean the house and even brush our teeth. If you succeed in making your workout a part of this routine, you will find it easier to do it. An easy way to accomplish this is to go to the gym (or where you perform your HIIT workout routine) directly after work / school. Do not go home in between; you will only be distracted by all the comfortable things at home and decide to skip the workout of the day. Bring your workout gear to work, and train directly after your workday ends.

There are many other things to consider, but these are the basics to reach your ultimate goal. Now you are pretty much ready. You can, and will be able to set your mind to HIIT workouts; it just takes some strategy and willpower. Be sure not to break your schedule, it will only encourage you to break it again. Now head down to the gym and do some HIIT!

Source by Fredrik N.