How to Lose Belly Fat & Inches Off Your Waistline Fast With "HIIT"

Here's how to lose belly fat & inches off your waistline fast using "HIIT". If you're sick and tired of spending too much time in the gym for TOO LITTLE results, then this article will help you to get way better results in LESS time . If you're a busy woman, this is a must read.

Lose Belly Fat & Inches Off Your Waistline Fast – HIIT

"HIIT" … short for high intensity interval training is the way to go.

I'm going to show you how to use 3 24-minute cardio workouts a week (about an hour a week) to lose lots of pounds and inches fast. Instead of doing the " usual " workout of steady-state tempo where you do the same speed all the time, you want to vary your speed going from high intensity down to low intensity.

Here's how you'd do it on an elliptical machine.

Get on the machine and start chugging away on it going slow for 20-30 seconds, then after the 30 seconds is up, go as fast as you can for 10 seconds. You keep repeating that over and over. 20-30 seconds slow, 10 seconds really fast.

Do this for a total of 6 minutes. Get off, rest for 2 minutes and drink some water, then repeat for 6 more minutes. Do 4 different 6-minute sets for a total of 24 minutes .

The reason why this is so great for quick fat loss is because of the "AFTERBURN EFFECT". When you do a high intensity workout, even if it's only 10 seconds here and there at a time, you supercharge your body's fat burning abilities and put them at an elevated rate not only during the workout, BUT for up to 18 hours AFTER THE WORKOUT .

That's big news.

Burning up fat during a workout is nothing new, but burning fat for 18 hours AFTER your workout, that is big.

You can do this with running / jogging / walking, the stairstepper, the treadmill, and basically any other cardio type machine. Start today to lose belly fat and inches off your waistline by incorporating HIIT into your workout routine for faster results in less time.

Source by Jennifer Jolan