How to Lose Man Breast Fat – My 5 Top Secrets to Losing Man Boobs

Learning how to lose man breast fat can be a lot easier than you think. 30-40% of males will experience this problem sometimes in their lifetimes. Are you one of them?

Having man breast fat can be very depressing and frustrating. It affects many aspects of a man's life including his social life and emotional well-being. Accumulating fat in your upper torso area is unfortunately a genetic predisposition, but there are still ways to gain a flat, manly chest again.

Here are 5 tips that you will help you lose your puffy breasts.

  1. Avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods in your diet – this is a basic rule whenever you want to lose fat. Most dietitians agree that it's much easier to simply reduce your food intake than to try to burn off more calories through exercise.
  2. Avoid estrogen-containing foods – if you remember your science class, estrogen is the female hormone that develops breasts and other fat accumulation women. As a man, you need to avoid foods that have estrogen, especially soy-based products.
  3. Choose fruits and vegetables – your diet should revolve in these types of foods. It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can make them your everyday snacks and even take huge portions for your daily meals without worrying about gaining fat.
  4. Do some cardio -cardiovascular exercises are known to work out the whole body. By doing some running or cycling, you can start losing breast fat slowly, but surely. Your breast fat may be the very last thing to go, but keep at it for at least a couple of months.
  5. Concentrate on chest workouts – away from cardio, you can also do resistance training for the chest in order to eliminate breast fat. Well-known examples of chest exercises that work are push-ups, dumbbell curls, and bench presses. If you already work out in the gym, you can give these workouts more emphasis for you to lose that breast fat in no time.

These tips will surely guide you in knowing how to lose man breast fat. Do everything on the list and you will not believe the results that you will see in the mirror. The important thing is that you do them on a regular basis for it to work. Persistence and dedication to the program is a must.

Source by Jennifer Sue Finch