How to Lose More Fat With Cardio – Aerobic Secrets to Lose Fat Faster Then Ever Before

Cardio is a great way to lose fat because when you do aerobic exercises oxygen is being used. And to burn fat your body need oxygen as well. However another statement is also true your body adapts very quickly and it needs constantly new challenges. For example in the beginning of your fat loss program you could get away with running on treadmill for twenty minutes a day three times a week. However after a while this workout is far to easy for your body, your metabolism will not increase anymore and therefore it does not burn the desired amount of calories. To lose more fat with cardio you need to challenge your workouts a little bit.

Increase duration The first thing you need to do is to increase the duration of your aerobics. Do always a minimum of thirty minutes per session if your goal is fat loss. Perhaps this amount does not produce enough results for you. The most logical step is to increase the duration incrementally by five to ten minutes per session. Review the increase of duration systematically on a weekly base. Most people find out that doing cardio for forty to forty-five minutes is the optimal duration. Increase frequency Increasing your duration beyond sixty minutes will work counterproductive. Start with a minimum of three days per week of cardio workouts. To increase the rate of fat loss add one day per week until you reach six or seven days per week. Doing cardio training seven days a week for months is excessive. However if you want to break trough a fat loss plateau doing cardio for six to seven days per week is recommended for a period ranging from one to twelve weeks.

Improve food choices It is almost impossible to out train a bad diet. Think about it you only spend a few hours a week in the gym so food choices do play a very important role. First of all increase your intake of good fats and decrease your intake of bad fats. Try to eat at least one food that contain complex protein with every meal. Eat fruit in moderation but do not drink refined fruit juices. Eat breakfast but do not eat white bread with your breakfast or just in general. With bread contains refined flower and refined flower is a food that truly makes you fat.

Incorporate high intensity interval training Sometimes your nutrition is already in place so there is it recommended to incorporate HIIT training. A good beginners HIIT exercise would be the walk-jog interval training. Walk for one minute, jog for one minute and then repeat as much as possible. With HIIT training the combination are almost endless. For example you can challenge yourself with a 30/30 session. Walk for thirty seconds and thereafter run for thirty seconds and repeat as much as possible. You can challenge yourself with doing the workout on a hill. Within a few weeks or months walking and jogging may be easy for you so you can try a run / sprint workout as well. However to lose more fat with HIIT training you should change your workouts every four to six weeks in order to keep it fresh.

Source by Frederik Smith