How To Lose Weight Fast By HIIT Training

By now, you already know that interval training really works for fat loss. However, just like any other training, doing only this training will not give you super success at the end. Mixing routines certainly will.

For the novice's sake, true interval training is better known as HIIT training which means High Intensity Interval training. Unfortunately, treadmill moments are not included here. However, I can guarantee you that this will make your cardio more challenging and will help you lose weight like magic. Here's how: What makes HIIT training stands out from the rest is the end goal – to keep in an anaerobic state in as much total cumulative time as you can. Typically, here is how your HIIT workout would go:

  • Time – do not go beyond 20 minutes for this session. Alloting short recovery periods is okay.
  • For beginners, the advisable total workout time is 4-6 minutes. For the advanced exerciser, a 50/50 ratio or beyond that is fine.
  • Muscle groups – targets Most of the muscle groups that is why doing sprints is more preferred for a 'legs only' cross trainer workout.
  • Allow yourself a one-day rest in between days of your workouts.
  • You can only repeat a particular HIIT program (see below) for at most 6 weeks. Beyond the 6-week period, your body is going to adapt to it so a week rest or more is advisable then go back doing the HIIT program again.

Putting It Together

If you are aiming for more anaerobic exercise then you have to reduce your amount of rest periods as you progress through the HIIT training programs. If you are new to this, you can start with 30-second sprints with 6-8 repetitions, allowing yourself 90 seconds rest in each repetition. As you get used to it, try reducing the rest time gradually to a 50/50 ratio. Occasionally, you will feel that you no longer need a rest in between. If your previous workout did not make you feel your body is working hard, then this one will and will give your workout a great boost.

As you progress, your body is working harder to lose weight but may burn you out completely. In order to avoid this, try to give yourself enough rest in between workouts. You can start with 2 minutes rest after every 60-second work periods. Same process applications here – gradually reduce the rest but not go over beyond the 20-minute workout. At the end of the workout, do some stretching. You will notice that you can intensify your workout as you lessen your rest time.

The third, which is also the final stage, is where things get more interesting. This is where we less your rest time than your workout time. It can be so intense that you feel like collapsing at the end of the workout. When you reach this point, you can lower your workout time to 10 minutes until again, your body adapts and you can start with more intense workout. You can try 60 seconds workout time with 40 seconds rest, and gradually increase the workout as you progress. You are going to need your gym towel here so bring it with you! If you tried HIIT training before, try to think where you can intensify your workout to give you more optimum results.

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Source by Kat Eden