How to Lose Weight This Month

For better or for worse, many people turn their lives upside down in the quest of losing a few pounds. For some people, jumping into a new routine works fine and they easily lose the weight without any problems. But for others, such a drastic approach can feel overwhelming, and may even cause some people to give up before they meet their goals. It's really all a matter of personality, and deciding what works best for you as an individual.

Weight loss does not need to be an all or nothing sprint to getting rid of 50 pounds. In fact, the best approach to losing weight is the course of moderation.

A good way to begin the process of weight loss is to take a month to ease into the new lifestyle routines that will be essential for worrying weight loss instead of trying to make all of these changes in a few days. Week by week, you can incorporate additional changes, and within a month you will have to begin the process of building new habits that lead to healthy weight loss.

Week 1

Head to your pantry and get rid of processed foods. This applies to cookies, snack cakes, and crackers, etc. In addition, ease up on desserts and trips to fast food drive through windows. Go to the grocery store and stock up and fruits, veggies, and lean protein for balanced meals.

For exercise, start moving gently, with stretching and moderate paced walking. Aim for 10-20 minutes of exercise 2-3 days this week.

Week 2

This week, give up soda and alcohol. Instead, find ways to incorporate more water into your day. Brew hot or cold green or white tea, which is good for your immune system and helps to increase metabolism as well.

Make your daily walk a bit more upbeat, and try to increase the duration of your workout to 20-30 minutes. If the weather is bad, walk in place in your living room while you watch television.

Week 3

Up your fiber intake by making a conscious effort to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables this week. If, until this point you've gotten into a green bean, broccoli and cauliflower rut, now is the time to head to your grocery store and explore the produce section. Try to leave with some new and exciting fruits and veggies you had never really considered trying before.

Continue your upbeat walks, and try a new form of exercise. You can either visit your local gym or check out an interesting looking workout DVD from the library.

Week 4

This week, get creative in your kitchen. Look online or in cookbooks to find ways to make new and interesting dishes with the healthy ingredients you cook with every day. You may be surprised to learn that new methods of preparation or different herbs and spices can make a big difference.

Up the intensity of your workouts, and try adding another day or two to your workout week.

As you complete this month, you'll likely be surprised to learn how much you've changed about your eating and exercise habits without feeling the pressure of having to change everything at once. Continue on this path for more weight loss.

Source by Walter Wald