How To Use An Elliptical Machine – Useful Beginner's Tips

Go to any popular health club today and you will see row after row of elliptical machines being used by people of every age group and size. Ellipticals give such an efficient low impact workout that they are allowing people who normally could not use aerobic equipment to get great workouts safely.

However many beginners often wonder how to use an elliptical machine properly. Although the elliptical machine is very easy to use and many people can figure it out just by trying it out, there are some things you need to do to use it properly.

Tips For a Better Workout

Maintain Correct Posture : While exercising on the elliptical trainer you want to keep your head and body upright and never slouch over. This will not give you the maximum benefits the machine has to offer.

Proper Arm Workout : Most elliptical trainers have arm levers that will give your upper body a great workout and allow you to burn maximum calories. If you use the levers make sure that you do not lean into them to support your body. Although working the upper body is optional it is highly recommended.

Comfortable Stride Length : Some newer elliptical treadmills have the ability to adjust the length of the machine stride. A shorter stride tend to work the buttocks more then a longer stride which tends to work the leg muscles more. If the machine you are using has this option set the stride for your comfort and fitness goals.

Program The Digital Counter : A large percentage of high end machines in health clubs have calorie counters that give you a rough estimate as to how many calories you have burned in your workout. In order to get the most accurate measurement you must enter your correct height, weight, age and sex.

Although they may seem very advanced nothing is further from the truth. In fact elliptical machines are very easy and fun to use, once you get on one you are almost guaranteed to enjoy it!

Source by Darin Sewell