How You Can Lose Weight Eating Like A Caveman

When I began my journey to lose weight last October it was for purely selfish and shallow reasons. I wanted to look good in a bathing suit because I had my first ever cruise coming up in March of this year. However, once I started "eating like the cavemen", I fell I love with the way I started to feel and the way my body was fitting in my clothes!

Living the Paleo lifestyle is so easy (a caveman can do it)! See what I did there? All you must remember is to eat meats, roots, veggies and fruits. OK, and occasionally nuts, like almonds and walnuts. The only dairy I eat is grass fed butter and coconut or almond milk.

I started my journey around 125 lbs, which looks big on a 4 '9 "frame, and by the time my cruise sailed I weighed 105 !! Not only that but my energy skyrocketed which meant I felt more like exercising.

To begin eating this way and living this way you have to be committed. Throw out all the junk in your house! If it comes from a box or a bag, do not eat it. Shop the outside aisles at the grocery store. Salads, fruits and vegetables are the mainstay of this lifestyle. Meat should ideally be grass fed, however, affordable choices are few. It still works eating lean cuts of meat, chicken and fish. Cut out all sodas and drink water, if you like, add some fresh squeezed lemon. Make infused waters with mint and fruit. It can be done if you are truly committed.

Once you reach your goal weight, you can cheat a little. The occasional glass of red wine is nice or how about some dark chocolate? I actually made it through the holidays with little to no cheats and it was not hard at all. For a while I missed breads, however, you can make all kinds of bread with the right fours like almond and coconut flours. I prefer not to eat much of that because I do not want those kinds of carbs unless it's a special treat.

Speaking of carbs, you do not have to count them, or calories either. Just omit sugar and use natural sweeteners like raw local honey or 100% maple syrup (small quantities) and you're good to go. Omit chips and cookies, eat fruit and nuts instead. My typical day starts with eggs and bacon for breakfast or a smoothie made with fruit and coconut milk.

Lunch might be a salad with some protein like egg or chicken and dinner is a small piece of meat, or fish, salad and a sweet potato. Easy right! Take it from me, it works.

Another benefit is that some people can even get off their medications, under your doctor's advise of course. This way of eating is helpful for everything from diabetes to hormones. Your mood will improve and so will your gut health. Just removing sugar alone is a huge step in improving ones gut health but another is removing whole wheat and adding other healthy grains like millet and Quinoa.

So, to summarize, eating like a caveman not only will get you in that bikini or skinny jeans but make your tummy happy too. Try it for your health, try it for yourself.

Source by KS Smyth