Interval Training For Basketball

When training for basketball, you should be aware of a method of training known as interval training. If you have not heard of interval training, either you are already doing it and do not know it or you have not even tapped into your potential of being the best basketball player you can be.

Interval training is performing high energy movements and activities for a short period with a rests in between repetitions. The interviews between repetitions are based on the intensity of the activity and how long that specific activity was done for. Short and high intensity movements require more rest. There is a chemical in your body called lactic acid. When there is a build up of lactic acid, this is the chemical that creates pain in the muscles that are engaged in the activity. So you can blame lactic acid for all the days your abs hurt so much that you could not stand straight.

The goal of training is to get maximum results by working most efficiently and resting appropriately. So to train effectively for basketball, you have to decrease the length of the activity and make that activity more intense.

Here is a drill that you can start using today:

Tempo Runs:

Instead of running a 400 meter round, break that up into four 100 meter dashes (you really need to understand that you must break up longer sessions of intense activity and break them down). Now, when doing the 100 meter dashes, try to get as close as 10 seconds, but 15-16 seconds is ideal.

I hope you understand by now how interval training works, at least the basics of it and I want you to go and use it … TODAY! Go.

Source by Nehal Kazim