Interval Training For Fat Loss

Most researchers will agree that Interval Training is SO much more effective than long slow cycling cardio for fat loss. You can get your workouts done in half the time and burn far more calories long AFTER the workout finishes in comparison to regular cardio. So why are SO many people STILL doing regular cardio? You know the kind I mean right? the 20 mins on the stationery bike or treadmill keeping the intensity the same through. You only have to set foot into a gym or health club these days to see the treadmills and cross-trainers all being pounded by frustrated members who have not achieved fat loss yet. Do not get me wrong, I'm not completely knocking regular cardio. It's OK for some stamina and endurance improvements and let's be honest it's better than doing absolutely nothing, but purely for fat loss? Definitely not.

Performing interval training instead (either after your weights workout or on your day off) will not only skyrocket your stamina but will also speed up your fat loss massively in comparison to regular cardio. So what is Interval Training? Interval training basically means any kind of sprint or activity lasting 0-90 seconds followed by a period of easy exercise. You do not have to workout in a gym for interviews to be effective. They can be done in the park, with a skipping rope, on your bike provided the right structure is there. By the end of the interval, you should be getting tired, but you should not be gasing for air. Start conservatively and you will get the hang of it. Below are some sample interval workouts you can use starting from today whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Interval Workout 1 5 minute warmup then 90 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds easy (or although long it takes to fully get your breath back) Repeat above sequence x 4-6 Finish with 5 minute cool down Interval Workout 2 5 minute warmup then 30 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds easy (or even long it takes to get your breath back) then 60 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds easy then 90 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds easy then back down to 60 then 30 Finish with 5 minute cool down I use all of these workouts (along with many others) with my private clients and, combined with a sound strength training and nutrition plan have gone on to see some great results. For more free fat loss workouts you can go to my new network I'm building and see what you think So do yourself a favor and just say no to cardio and perform fat burning interviews instead.

Source by Sam Winkworth