Interval Training For Sports Conditioning

One of the reasons high intensity interval training is such an awesome workout is because it is helpful for every athlete-no matter their level of conditioning and no matter their sport.

Want to get in shape for skiing before you hit the slopes? Looking forward to tennis? Whether you want to bet fit for football, soccer, cycling or swimming, you can use interval training to get their fast. And you can use the standard equipment at the gym or the track at the local high school.

If you are a sprinter then you can use the standard interval training workouts, but if you want to be able to recover quickly from a short dash for the goal and a long run the length of the field then you need to adjust your interval training a bit.

For sports conditioning you will vary the length or time for the high intensity portion of the workout, with a corresponding change in the recovery period. This better simulates the various distances you would cover in your sport.

After your warm up, divide your exercise into 3 phases: long distance, middle distance, and sprint. After the sprint you will have your cool down period.

During the long and middle distance phases keep the work to recovery ratio at 1: 1. In the final phase increase the recovery period so you have a ratio of 1: 3.

In phase 1, go at the highest speed you can for a full minute. Repeat after your recovery period.

In phase 2, cut the time in half, but increase to 4 sets.

In the sprint phase, cut the time in half again, increase your rest, and repeat for 6 sets.

After a few of these workouts you will notice that you recover more quickly during each of the phases. Then it is time to punch it up a notch by adjusting the time, intensity or number of reps.

Source by Chris Cannon