Interval Training Workout to Lose Belly Fat

If a trainer tells you there's a best way to do interval training, they are lying.

Research shows that intervals are powerful for fat loss, but there's never been a "head-to-head" study comparing different lengths of interval workouts.

But that's good news. It means that all types of interval training workouts will work to help you burn your belly fat.

In addition, for distance runners, intervals of 2-5 minutes are very helpful for improving performance. But for fat loss workouts, I tend to use a nice simple 30 second interval length for fat burning benefits.

Plus, if you do intervals on a cardio machine, its very easy to stick to a 30 second interval timing, followed by a 60-90 second recovery at a much slower pace. If the interviews were any shorter, it would be tough to change the settings on the machine fast enough.

Any type of this interval training for fat loss is likely better than slow cardio, and allows for faster workouts.

After what you may read on the Internet, no one has proved that one type of interval is best for fat loss. That is why I use different Intervals for different viruses of a fat loss program.

For example, if you have been doing 30 second intervals for the last 2 months, you might kick-start your results by moving to 1-minute intervals or even, gasp, 2-minute intervals.

As you change the interval length, you change the way your body responds to the training.

– It is recommended that the stationary cycle be used for interval training because it allows for an easy transition between work and recovery.

– Finish each interval workout with stretching for the tight muscle groups only.

– Perform the interval sessions 3 times per week.

– Use a different interval duration in each 4-week phase of the TT programs.

– Each set-up provides a different stimulus to your body, so you may identify one that works the best for you.

– You may also use a different interval duration in each workout. For example, short intervals in Workout A and longer intervals after Workout B.

– Here is a sample interval workout.

-Warm-up for 5 minutes.

– Work at an 8/10 level of intensity for 60 seconds.

– (A 10/10 intensity is running for your life, so adjust accordingly).

– Your heart rate should be near maximal by the end of the interval.

– Follow that with active rest for 60 seconds at a 3/10 level of intensity.

– Active rest means walking or pedaling at a very slow rate.

– Repeat for 6 intervals.

– Finish with 5 minutes of cool-down exercise at 3/10 level of intensity.

Discover how to immediately put interval workouts to work for you, so that you lose fat and gain muscle in less workout time than ever before with the interval training program.

You should do interval training 3 times per week, no more. Get rid of the marathon cardio mentality when it comes to fat loss and building a better body. You want to focus on fewer, shorter, more intense workouts to get ripped abs and burn your belly fat.

Source by Craig Ballantyne