Keys To Successful High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to getting the most out of a workout, high intensity interval training can yield incredible results. When done properly, you can achieve weight loss, muscle toning, increased strength, power, and more.

What is high intensity interval training?

Simply put, it is incorporating periods of intense exercise into an otherwise low intensity workout. These periods (intervals) usually range anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds. For example, you are jogging on a treadmill at 8 minute mile pace. After 60 seconds, you run as hard as you can for 15 seconds. After that, you go back to the 8 minute mile pace, and keep the cycle going.

How do you know if high intensity interval training is the right workout choice for you.

If you are looking to;

– lose weight without losing muscle

– increase endurance

– shorten your workout without lessening your results

Another great benefit of HIIT is that it allows you to work both your aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) systems. These means that it can benefit people looking to increase both explosiveness and endurance.

Important things to remember when doing interval training.

– Eat something small and easily digestible (fiber or fruit work great) about 30 minutes before your workout. Studies have shown this to increase both the duration and intensity of workouts.

– Always warm up before your workout. This can greatly decrease the chance of an injury, mainly in terms of pulled muscles.

– When it comes time for your high intensity interval, give it your all. Remember, you only need to keep it up for a short time, so don’t hold back.

– Like with any workout, listen to your body. It is great to work hard, but pay attention to anything out of the ordinary. A properly performed interval training workout is going to be intense, and you are going to get tired. If you experience chest pains, or become light headed, cool down right away.

– If you want to burn big calories, work your big muscles. Using your large muscle groups requires more energy, which means burning more calories.

– Always cool down. A big mistake that many people make is that they just stop after they think a workout is complete. Unless you have done your cool down, your workout is not complete. High intensity interval training demands a lot from your body, so it is very important for you to not let your heart rate to drop too quickly.

Source by Joe Malone