Looking For Ellliptical Trainer Benefits

Fitness professionals have been expounding elliptical trainer benefits to everyone who will take time to listen. Elliptical trainers are replacing the treadmill as the top piece of fitness equipment. Many fitness centers and YMCA gyms now have more elliptical machines than any other type of fitness equipment. The major elliptical trainer benefits coming from its ability to give you a great workout with greatly reduced impact to key body parts. The second major benefit comes in the form of a total body workout. This is accomplished by using the handle bar motion to give arms and shoulders a full workout while the lower body is worked by the elliptical all at the same time.

Weight bearing exercise is critical to achieving and maintaining fitness. However the downside of some weight bearing exercises like jogging is the potential damage to joints, tendons and ligaments. When using an elliptical trainer all the damaging impact are greatly reduced. When you first start using an elliptical, the motion will feel strange with some users describing the experience akin to running on air. Once your body adapts to the stride you will find that using the elliptical machine is as natural as jogging without all the pounding to the body. Additional elliptical trainer benefits come in the form of increased calorie burn.

When exercising on an elliptical trainer you will find that you are burning more calories with less perceived effort. In part this is the result of exercising the upper body using the handle bars. Many people will find that they are exercising at their normal intensity for the same amount of time but burning more calories. They also report that recovery is also faster and that may be due to the reduced impact to limbs and joints. The intensity of your elliptical trainer workout is governed by the resistance, ramp elevation, body angle, stride length and speed. Most quality elliptical trainers have the ability to change resistance levels simply by making the change on the elliptical trainer's console. Obviously the more resistance the more difficult the stride will be. Changing the angle of the ramp or elevation will also increase resistance and exercise intensity. Changing the length of your stride will cause you to exercise different parts of your legs, glutts and back. Simply changing your body angle will allow you to target different muscle groups. Obviously you will increase your Cardio benefits simply by increasing your speed.

Elliptical trainer benefits far exceeded those of both treadmills and exercise bikes. In addition elliptical trainers are safer when you stop your stride the elliptical stops immediately unlike treadmills thereby reducing the risk of a fall. Because Elliptical machines exercise most of your body they are perfect for warm up for martial arts, weight lifting and strength training. Many fitness experts have described the elliptical trainer as the perfect piece of fitness equipment. If you are looking to purchase a piece of fitness equipment you should check out the elliptical trainer benefits prior to making any purchase. When it comes to fitness an elliptical trainer does it all.

Source by Jim Kesel