Lose More Weight From Your Cardio With HIIT – A Build a Better Body Read

Many who regularly workout, and many more who have tried to workout but have thrown in the towel due to disappointing results, harbor great distain for treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes of all varieties and makes. After all, who wants to spend almost an hour enduring such extreme monotony while listening to the same songs on our mp3 player that we once loved but now hate (over time) ambition!). Well, the good news is that you can get better results from your cardio workouts in less time and reduce your level of boredom through what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Notice I did not say HIIT would needlessly be easier; so if you are the type of person who performs their cardio armed with a gossip magazine or a cell phone, this approach probably is not for you. This form of exercise, however, is simple and easy to learn. The foundation for HIIT's effectiveness is its alternating bursts of high intensity cardio paired with low intensity cardio.

For starters, when executed properly, HIIT is extremely efficient in the way of burning calories, which of course will significantly cut your workout time down. Furthermore, HIIT allows you to burn more calories out of the gym as well which is a result of the bouts of high intensity which does two things. One, it increases the amount of energy your body will use to recover following the workout. The second way HIIT effectively consumes calories out of the gym is through burning not only fat, but also tapping into your glycogen storages (where carbohydrates used for energy are stored). Therefore, subsequent meals will be used to replenish the depleted glycogen reserves instead of turning into fat. Low intensity cardio simply does not provide this benefit.

As with all cardio programs, staying within the 60-90% zone of your target heart rate range is critical to your fat burning efficiency. HIIT does not need to be overcomplicated, the main principal is to stay within 60-90% of your max heart rate and switch up intensities at least every 3 minutes but not more regularly than every 30 seconds. A very easy way to get your feet wet without overdoing it is to simply keep changing your speed (up / down) and intensity every two minutes.

Give HIIT a shot; if you stick with prehistoric steady state tactics to exercise you will simply find yourself running in circles (excuse the pun).

Source by Christopher Naughton