Low Intensity Steady State Cardio

Cardio training can be very demanding and this is one activity that does not rank high on anyone's list of preference. But cardio training is an integral part of a healthy fitness regime. In fact, the numerous health organizations have clearly stressed on the benefits of a systematic and consistent cardio training to develop a healthy heart and a great fitness level. Ideally, one should be doing cardio exercise at alternate days at a moderate pace to high intensity workouts.

Cardio training can dramatically boost one's metabolic rate which is definitely great if you are looking to lose weight. Letely, there have been many new innovations to help make this process a lot easier and fun. Basically the goal is to find out the best and fastest way to heart anyone lose weight, reduce fat and develop a great healthy body at he same time. One of most popular ways to achieve this goal is by using LISS or Low Training Steady State Cardio.

Low Training Steady State Cardio training program makes use of a set of training moves that goat the same pace over a period of time. Low Training Steady State Cardio is usually great for beginners. Those are just starting out may find it difficult to accommodate high intensity training programs such as HIIT which requires you to perform short bursts of very vigorous activity before taking a short rest. This can be intimidating for the newbie who might prefer an easier and less risky way to start cardio training.

LISS can be taxing for those who have low fitness levels. Performing even low intensity workouts over an extended period of time can be taxing for your body and heart. Imagine trying to chase a deer with a spear. Do you think you can catch this target easily in your current fitness level? Some people have referred LISS extended training sessions similar to trying to chase a wild animal in the wild. You have to take time to build up that kind of endurance to do LISIS successfully.

Another setback to LISS is that over an extended period of time can cause your body to release plenty of cortisol, the stress hormone which brings about other health problems as a result. And when you look at it closely, LIIS takes a lot of time to be able to get it right. So you would be spending more time doing LISS to be able to get the results you want. Cortisol breaks down your body tissue which would lower your metabolism and that makes fat loss much harder to achieve.

Cortisol raises the blood pressure level and causes you to experience fatigue and a loss of concentration. When body tissues are destroyed, you would end up with a person who is way too skinny with low fitness and a slow metabolism rate which obviously makes weight loss much harder to achieve.

Source by Patrick Attlee