Mini-Elliptical Benefits

Mini-Elliptical Machines

The mini-elliptical trainer is a popular and very beneficial addition to anyone’s home fitness regime. It has been said that the elliptical will soon replace the treadmill. A great aspect of the elliptical is that it incorporates both upper & lower body into your workout. You can even make your workout harder by using resistance bands or add hand weights.

Benefits of the Mini-Elliptical Machine

No Impact:The elliptical duplicates the same natural movement of your body as when you are walking, running or jogging. But when you are on the elliptical there is no impact on your joints, it is just fluid movement.

Upper & Lower Body Workout: This machine gives you a great workout because it works both the upper and lower body at the same time. Most elliptical machines are equipped with handles that are used to exercise your arms and upper body, while at the same time the pedals work your legs and lower body. The pedals go in forward or reverse. When pedaling in reverse you are working the same muscles but in a different way.

Great for Cross-training: Since the elliptical is a combination of the treadmill and the stepper it can also be used if you like to cross-train.

Benefits your Heart: When working out on the elliptical you burn the same amount of calories that you would if you were running on a treadmill. If you like to swim for exercise you will burn twice the number of calories on the elliptical that you burn after a moderate swim. This is great for your cardiovascular system, because your heart rate will rise very quickly due to the fact that you are working both upper and lower body together, this will strengthen your heart muscle. Another plus is your metabolic rate will also increase and that means you will be losing weight all through the day even after you finish your workout.

Tones your Muscles: The fluid movement of the elliptical tones the muscles of your arms and legs while strengthening and toning the abdominal and back muscles.

Builds Endurance: Another great benefit of the elliptical is that it will build up your endurance, so you don’t tire as easily. As little as 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical can give you more energy to do those chores that you are normally too tired to do.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Store: With the mini-elliptical you don’t have to worry about belts, motors, bearings, rollers etc. wearing out. It is smaller than a treadmill making it easy to store. If you have very limited space this is the perfect piece of exercise equipment for you.

To sum it all up the mini-elliptical is great for improving over-all fitness, toning and losing weight. You can change up your routine by alternating between the forward movement and the backward movement. The mini-elliptical is available with handles or without. If you prefer the one without, you can rev up your routine by adding hand weights or using exercise bands. This puts variety into your workout to avoid getting bored with the same routine all the time. This is a great product for home fitness.

Source by Katherine Vick