More Calories Burned in Less Time on an Elliptical Trainer

We all want the path of least resistance, and that is particularly true when it comes to burning calories and losing weight. Elliptical trainers are growing in popularity not only because of the low-impact, upper and lower body workout, but also due to their amount of calories burned in the least amount of time.

Why are more calories burned in less time with an elliptical trainer?

Basically you are exercising more of your body at once. An elliptical trainer works out both your lower and upper body simultaneously. Consequently, you are exercising more muscle groups. With the dual function of an elliptical trainer you exercise the back, triceps, biceps quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and chest. There is no other machine that offers such intensive exercising.

By exercising more muscle mass you improve fat mobilization, build muscle endurance, burn more calories and fat in less time, and reduce your perceived rate of exertion. Regarding the reduced rate of exertion, many find working out on an elliptical trainer less exhausting. By exercising more muscle groups at once, there is the perception that you get more results with less effort.

It should be noted to gain the full advantage of the upper workout you must apply adequate resistance to the upper body. Many individuals let their lower body do most of the work while letting their arms just go through the motion when holding on to the handlebars. You want to distribute the resistance between your upper and lower body. This is how you absolutely can burn more calories in less time.

In recent studies it was concluded that energy expenditure among overweight subjects was higher on the elliptical trainer than a treadmill or stationary bicycle. For overweight individuals who are initiating a regular exercise program to decrease excess body fat, they will find that elliptical trainers optimize energy expenditure.

Interval Training

If you are out to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, you want to either use an interval training program, or simulate it through manual programming. Interval training is becoming popular not only on elliptical trainers, but also through fitness classes. As the name suggests, interval training is alternating between high intensity exercises and cool down periods. You burn an intense amount of calories for a limited period, recover, and do it again. Interval training is proven to be more effective in burning calories than a sustained level of exertion.

So next time you are at the health club or a fitness store give an elliptical trainer a spin. Whether your desire is to burn calories, lose weight or just get into shape, the combined upper and lower body workout of an elliptical trainer is your best solution.

Source by Fred Waters