My Real Life Weight Loss Success

Four years ago I weighed a whopping 90 pounds more than I currently way today. At the time of my weight gain I was very sick and on different medications. Some of the side effects from the medications were excessive weight gain. During my huge weight gain I developed other health problems such as trouble breathing, high blood pressure, and lack of energy to name a few. I became very depressed and just started to eat all the time. I really wanted to give up on life and pretty much loss all motivation and care for anything including myself.

Until one day I looked into the mirror and thought to myself, this is not how I want to live the rest of my life. So I knew that I had to make a complete change in order to gain huge results. So I start doing my research and changed my diet completely. I also began to start exercise program. Let me say this was not an easy journey at all for me. I tried many different types of diet plans and exercise workouts until I finally found the things that worked the best for me.

I feel so great right now with lots of energy and love for life. I wake up everyday waiting to do more to improve myself so i can continue on the success I have already made. Every time I look in the mirror I think something is wrong with it. That there is no way my body and appearance has change so much over this time span. I am very amazed and proud that I was able to overcome my battle with obesity.

I want to encourage others that it is very much possible to lose as much weight as you want to lose. Once you put it all together and get into that routine of exercising and eating right losing the weight will be very easy. I want you to know that there will be some hard times and days where you will feel tired, hurting or not wanting to do anything. But just think about what the final outcome will be and success that is ahead for you when it is all said and done. Remember not to give up, and be sure to learn and gather as much information as you possibly can. Make sure to give it all you have got each and every day. You can and will achieve success by taking those right steps towards losing your weight and becoming a success story.

Source by Paul Balthazar