NordicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical Review

The NordicTrack SpaceSaver elliptical has been designed taking into consideration that not all home fitness enthusiasts have room to house fitness equipment in the home. These elliptical machines have the ability to fold up from the pedals and base, making it the best solution for users who are deprived of space. This is not at all a hassle as the elliptical uses innovative 1-Step engineering that allows you to fold up in a single movement.

Getting started, some stores offer an in home assembly service but building it yourself is not a real problem. It gives you the advantage of knowing how the elliptical is assembled for future maintenance, for the likes of lubricating joints. The Nordictrack SpaceSaver elliptical is just as heavy as any other elliptical machines but notably not as sturdy as higher priced models at higher intensities.

The next great feature I must mention about the NordicTrack SpaceSaver elliptical is the Stride Select (TM) Technology. NordicTrack are the first elliptical manufacturer to introduce this innovation which allows you to adjust the stride length for targeting different muscle groups. The initial test is surprising. The SpaceSaver operates very smoothly with minimal noise. The foot pads are oversized making it easier to find the most comfortable of workout positions.

By adjusting to a shorter stride, this will target the upper legs and thighs. A mid-length stride helps target the torso, tightening up core muscles and burning of those love handles. A lengthier stride works more the backs of the legs and bum, helping get rid of cellulite and unwanted dimples.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver elliptical machines come with 10 workout programs. 8 of them adjust the pace and resistance which is great for flexibility in workouts whether it be for intensity or endurance training. The other 2 are heart rate workouts, helping you to work within your target heart rate zone. The Cardio Grip (TM) technology takes precise heart rate readings and displays on the Clear View (TM) display which also shows all the usual data such as Time, Speed ​​and Resistance and can be rotated 180 degrees to suit different heights of users.

The last feature I am going to mention is the CoolAire (TM) fan. NordicTrack take pride in making sure their customers can end comfortable workouts on their equipment. Located at the top of the console, the fan has a high and low speed setting which is great, especially for those high intensity workouts.

Pros – Space Saving, Price, Adjustable Stride, Target Workouts

Cons – Warranty

Customer reviews of the NordicTrack SpaceSaver elliptical are generally very good. The main selling point of this elliptical is its ability to fold away with ease, if a lack of space is a problem. In comparison to Horizon, Schwinn and Reebok rivals, the SpaceSaver offers pretty much the same but unlike the others, the ability to alter the stride length means that with this equipment will have more of an advantage for targeting unwanted fat and toning specific muscle groups.

Source by Simon Patterson