Multi Gym

Barbells and dumbbells had been used for strength training for many years, especially by weightlifters and bodybuilders. However, inexperienced users could injure themselves with these “free weights”. So was born the requirement for the Multi Gym.

noun: multi-gym
  1. an apparatus on which a number of weightlifting and other exercises can be performed to improve muscle tone.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Harold Zinkin operated several gyms in the Los Angeles area. Zinkin wanted to make strength training safer and more accessible to novices, and thus broaden the appeal of the sport. To that end, he developed the “weight machine”. Instead of lifting a bar with weight plates on it, the user pulls or pushes a handle connected by levers or cables to a stack of weight plates riding on steel guideposts. This allows a user to perform weightlifting exercises with no risk of dropping the weight on himself.

It also allows weight resistance to be in any direction (i.e. down as well as up, or rotary), and for the user’s range of motion to be constrained, thereby concentrating effort in a specific muscle group.

Another key feature was much easier change of weight. With barbells and dumbbells, lifting at different weights required either a set of bells with different fixed weights, or else adding and removing weight plates at both ends, a process which could take up to a minute. On Zinkin’s machines, the weight lifted was selected by inserting a pin into the weight stack; moving the pin took only a few seconds.

Our Multi Gym Equipment

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    adidas Power Tower

    Angled frame to reduce body sway
    Ergonomically angled pads and flip up dip handles
    Max user weight 135 kg

    not rated £299.00 £199.00
  • BH Fitness G152X Global Multi Gym with Leg Press

    Combines a gym, seated leg press and dip/leg raise stations, features high and low pulleys, chest press/pec dec and leg developer
    Leg press is fully adjustable, max comfort while training with ergonomic upholstery, fold-up seat, lat and straight bar attachments
    Enhanced protection and safety whilst exercising, the use of bearings and CAMS guarantees an ultra smooth motion

    not rated £944.99
  • BH Fitness TT Maxima Multi Gym

    Hefty solid weight stack of 80 kg/176 lbs; designed for very intensive use; pulley system with bearings for smoothness
    Adjustable angle pivoting chest press; articulating arms adjustable in different angles; use of triple thread high resistance cable
    Multiple seat height and back rest adjustments; clear exercise guide; maximum stability (the weight is distributed across 5 legs)

    not rated £1,390.52
  • Body Sculpture Aero Gym with DVD

    Exercises arms, chest, shoulders, back, lats and abs
    Comfortable bench
    Adjustable positions and resistance

    not rated £100.77
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    HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation Home Workout Station Toning Body Building Strength Training Machine 40 kg Weight Plates

    High and low pulley system with let bar, dual function chest press/pec combination
    Thick padded seat and backrest, Protective cover around the weight plates for added safety
    Bench press, chest press, lat pulldown (front and back), pec dec, leg extension, back leg curls, upright rows exercise functions.

    not rated £209.99 £164.99
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    Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym with Weight Stack, 68 kg

    68 kg/150 lbs solid vinyl weight stack with selector pin; 5 x 5 cm heavy gauge steel frame; 4 inch pulleys with sealed ball bearings
    High pulley system with let bar; low pulley system; dual function chest press/pec dec combination
    Leg extension with foam rollers for comfort; height adjustable arm curl pad; weight stack shroud for safety; 2.5 inch box stitched upholstery

    not rated £549.00 £399.99
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    Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

    90kg solid vinyl weight stack with selector pin | Independent adjustable chest press can angle to flat, incline & shoulder press
    Independent pec dec arms simulate free weight movement | High pulley system with lat bar | Low pulley with foot plate for seated rows
    Middle pulley for ab crunches | Leg extension | 5 height adjustable seat pad | Adjustable back pad angle | Heavy duty steel frame

    not rated £699.00 £599.99
  • Marcy GS99 Dual Stack Home Gym (Leg Press, 2 Users), 2 x 65 kg

    2 x 65 kg solid weight stacks (generating 145 kg maximum resistance) allows two people to train together; 90 degrees corner frame is space efficient
    Adjustable leg press; independent shoulder press; high and low pulley stations; leg and arm curl; independent chest press; adjustable pec dec system
    Gym attachments included: Lat bar, straight bar, d-handle, ankle strap; exercise guide included; height adjustable seat pad

    not rated £909.99
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    Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym | HIIT Fitness

    Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym with 90 kg Stack – Black/Grey, One Size

    90 kg (200 lbs) solid weight stack in 13 plates, multi-function chest press can also be used for seated rows and pec dec
    High and low pulleys, height adjustable arm curl, bio-mechanically friendly leg developer
    Exercise chart included, lat bar, straight bar, single handle and ankle strap included, weight stack lock

    not rated £799.00 £565.19
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    Marcy MWB1282 Platinum Smith Machine Home Gym with Weight Bench

    Smith press bar: Ultra-glide bushings for friction-less lifting and nine hooks; safety stops: Position to stop the Smith press lowering
    Commercial grade bench: Adjusts to decline, flat, incline and upright angles, secure saw-tooth locking system and quick foot pedal
    High and low pulley systems with lat bar, straight bar, d-handle and ankle strap; bench attachments: Bio-mechanically friendly leg curl

    not rated £749.00 £594.99
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    Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym and Bench | HIIT Fitness

    Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Multi Gym and Bench

    • Adjustable lever arm replaces barbell providing precise motion
    • Bench and seat pads can be set to flat, incline, decline and upright
    • Bench can be pivoted to the side to create a workout space
    • No cables or pulleys used, must be loaded with Olympic 2 inch weight plates
    • Cantilever design allows the bench to pivot back and forth
    • Industrial grade steel framework and components for absolute durability
    not rated £649.99 £549.00
  • Marcy Smith MP3100 Machine Home Gym With Weight Bench, Black, One Size

    Smith press bar: Uses ultra-glide bushings for frictionless lifting; safety press stops: stop the press lowering too far
    Stand alone weight bench: Five position, adjusts to decline, flat, multiple incline and upright angles; arm and leg curl included
    High and low pulley systems with lat bar, straight bar, handle and strap attachments; pec dec; exercise chart included

    not rated £494.91