Rowing Machines

Indoor rower, or rowing machines, are used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing. Indoor rowing has become established as a sport in its own right. The term also refers to a participant in this sport.

rowing machine
  1. an exercise machine with oars and a sliding seat, for exercising the muscles used in rowing.

Modern indoor rowers are often known as ergometers (colloquially erg or ergo), an ergometer being a device which measures the amount of work performed. The indoor rower is calibrated to measure the amount of energy the rower is using through their use of the equipment.

Damper type

  • Piston resistance

Comes from hydraulic cylinders that are attached to the handles of the rowing machine. The length of the rower handles on this class of rower is typically adjustable, however, during the row the handle length is fixed which in turn fixes the trajectory that the hands must take on the stroke and return, thus making the stroke less accurate than is possible on the other types of resistance models where it is possible to emulate the difference in hand height on the stroke and return. Furthermore, many models in this class have a fixed seat position that eliminates the leg drive which is the foundation of competitive on water rowing technique. Because of the compact size of the pistons and mechanical simplicity of design, these models are typically not as large or as expensive as the others types.

  • Braked flywheel resistance

Models comprise magnetic, air and water resistance rowers. These machines are mechanically similar since all three types use a handle connected to a flywheel by rope, chain, or strap to provide resistance to the user – the types differ only in braking mechanism. Because the handle is attached to the resistance source by rope or similarly flexible media, the trajectory of the hands in the vertical plane is free making it possible for the rower to emulate the hand height difference between the stroke and the return. Most of these models have the characteristic sliding seat typical of competitive on-the-water boats.

  • Magnetic resistance

Resistance controlled by means of electromagnets that engage a mechanical brake with the flywheel. The magnetic braking system is quieter than the other braked flywheel types. The braking resistance is adjustable and energy can be accurately measured on this type of rower. The drawback of this type of resistance mechanism is that the resistance is constant; rowers using air or water resistance more accurately simulate actual rowing, where the resistance increases the harder the handle is pulled.

  • Air resistance

Fanlike air-fins on the flywheel provide the flywheel braking needed to generate resistance. As the flywheel is spun faster, the air resistance increases. A vent can be used to adjust the airflow to the air fins and thus increase or decrease the resistance. The energy dissipated can be accurately calculated given the known moment of inertia of the flywheel and a tachometer to measure the deceleration of the flywheel. Air resistance rowing machines are most often used by sports rowers (particularly during the offseason and inclement weather) and competitive indoor rowers.

  • Water resistance

Models consist of a paddle revolving in an enclosed tank of water. The mass and drag of the moving water creates the resistance. Proponents claim that this approach results in a more realistic action than possible with air or magnetic type machines. Rowing machines with monitors calculate performance using an algorithm unique to the individual manufacturer; it will be affected by the type of resistance used and other factors.

Our Range of Rowing Machines

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  • AsVIVA RA11 Rower – Black/Grey

    Belt drive, padded saddle, quiet and comfortable workout – foldable, take-to-carry system, – 8kg flywheel, permanent magnet brake with 8 manually adjustable resistance levels
    Multifunctional computer with all values such as rudder strokes, distance, time, calorie and pulse Integrated pulse receiver for a cordless transmission of the heart rate via an optional chest strap
    Net to weight: 26kg, Max. user weight: 110kg, assembly dimensions: 188 x 50 x 81 cm (L x W x H), folded: 98 x 28 x 59cm (LxWxH)

    not rated £220.32
  • AsVIVA RA9 Rower – Black/Grey

    A rowing machine is a fitness machine, which has its name because of the (arm) movements that you perform on this gadget is quiet similar to the drawing in a … Read More

    not rated
  • Sale!

    BH Fitness STANFORD R301L Folding rowing machine. Foldable rower. Magnetic brake system. 8 intensities

    Magnetic brake system: No Maintenance. Quiet and smooth exercise through an extensive range of tensions.
    LCD monitor with speed interval program.
    Equipped with tension knob to regulate 8 accurate workload points (manual).

    not rated £359.00 £199.00
  • body coach 28625 Rowing Machine Silver / Grey / Black

    Compact fitness machine for home use, foldable for easy storage (dimensions: 124 x 80 x 17.5 cm.
    Sturdy tubular steel construction with padded seat and adjustable tilt (training difficulty)
    With two resistance cylinders and adjustable rudder arms and adjustable footrests

    not rated
  • Body Sculpture Rower and Gym

    This rower and gym folds for storage with adjustable resistance
    Gym function works at arms, chest, back, shoulders, lats and abs
    On board computer monitors time, stroke count, total count, calories and scan

    not rated £124.99
  • Christopeit Sport Cambridge II Rower – Silver/Red/Black, Medium

    Efficient upper body, shoulder, back, arm and leg musculature training
    Ideal for body exercises
    Latex cable system

    not rated £223.00
  • Sale!

    Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor

    Indoor rowing is an effective full-body, low-impact workout. Flywheel design minimises noise while maximising a smooth feel.
    Includes the Performance Monitor 5, giving you accurate, comparable data for every row. Adjustable monitor arm.
    35.5cm seat height, nickel-plated chain, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle

    not rated £859.99£860.00
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    Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower with PM5

    Resistance to air
    Ease of Maintenance
    Ant + Wireless Technology and Bluetooth Smart

    not rated £1,059.99£1,060.00
  • DKN Unisex R-320 Rowing Machine, Black, One Size

    Resistance: Air Resistance with Stepless Gear System; Feedback: Time, Speed, Calories, Distance, RPM
    Console: Intuitive LCD Display; Transport Wheels: 2 Integrated Caster Wheels; Warranty: 2 Years
    Handlebars: Foam Grip Handle; Folding: Easy Folding System; Rail Length: 125cm (49.2”)

    not rated £399.80
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    Marcy Azure RE1016 Magnetic Rowing Machine – Black/White/Blue, One Size

    Resistance levels: Eight levels, adjusted manually; flip-out stand for tablet or phone for entertainment; user height: Maximum 6 ft 5 Inch
    Pivoting pedals alleviate ankle pressure; soft padded foam seat; ultra-glide smooth seat rollers; reinforced stitch foam handle
    Simple user-friendly console scrolls time, calories (kCAL), strokes, total strokes; no mains needed, battery powered; aluminium rail

    not rated £299.99 £286.81
  • Marcy Foldable Magnetic Rower with Hand Pulse – One Size, Silver/Black

    Eight levels of magnetic resistance; flywheel weight: 4 kg (8.8 lbs); folds-up for storage
    Built-in heart rate hand grips on the pull handle; suitable for users up to 6 feet 2 inch; pivoting foot pedals; battery powered (included)
    LCD display readout: Time, distance, strokes, strokes per minute, calorie count, pulse, recovery; console angle adjusts

    not rated
  • Marcy Regatta Folding Rowing Machine

    Flywheel Weight: 4kg / 8.8 lbs | 8 levels of magnetic resistance adjusted via tension dial
    LCD computer display readout: speed, time, calories, strokes per minute
    Quick fold design | Large ergonomic seat pad | Aluminium seat rail | Swivel pedals with security straps

    not rated