Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack


Bench adjustment: Six positions, decline, flat, incline and upright; free weight pegs: Five heights with secure lock-in, 7 feet bars only
Rear walk-in squat: Pegs at the back for squatting, for users 5 feet 7 inch+; safety stops: Stop the barbell lowering past a certain point
Leg developer: Locking pin for ab crunches; arm curl: Two height levels (removable); akimbo style angled frame: Safer barbell racking

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The Marcy Iron Grip Olympic Bench is a complete workout system. This Olympic weight bench offers four back pad positions so you can isolate and develop all areas of your pectorals. The angled uprights, which is what’s seen on the weight benches at your local gym, allow for easy return of the weight bar to the bar catches on that final push. The adjustable height bar catches and safety catches put your body in the perfect position throughout your bench press workout. This offers safety to the user and maximizes the benefit of the exercise.

A leg developer, with contoured foam roller pads, allows you to develop all major leg muscle groups. The arm curl support pad and arm curl bar will give your biceps the burn you are looking for. Unique to this bench are the bar catches on the back of the uprights, these bar catches allow you to perform squats off the back of the machine. Also on the back of the bench are two well positioned weight plate storage posts that allow you to keep your workout space neat and tidy. Detailed instructions allow for quick and easy assembly so you’re working out right away.

Weight Set breakdown

– 1 X 7ft 15kg Solid Steel Chrome 2″ Barbell Bar
– 1 X Pair Quick Release Olympic Collars
– 2 X 20kg
– 2 X 15kg
– 2 X 10kg
– 4 X 5kg
– 4 X 2.5kg
– 4 X 1.25kg

Exercises Available

– Chest: Incline Press, Flat Press, Decline Press
– Back: Bent Over Row, Reverse Bent Row, Deadlift
– Shoulders: Seated Shoulder Press, Front Raises, Upright Rows, Shrugs
– Biceps: Barbell Curls, Preacher Curls, Reverse Curls
– Triceps: Tricep Press, Tricep Extensions, Bench Dips
– Legs: Squats, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Romanian Deadlifts
– Abs: Barbell Rollouts, Decline Crunches
Bench Adjustment: 6 positions, decline, flat, incline and fully upright, Free Weight Pegs: 5 heights with secure lock-in, holds 7ft barbells only
Rear Walk-in Squat: Pegs at the back for squatting, for users 5ft 7″+, Safety Stops: Position to stop the barbell lowering past a certain point
Leg Developer: With locking pin for ab crunches, Arm Curl: 2 height levels (removable), Akimbo Style Angled Frame: Safer barbell racking, Striker Plated Uprights: Protect the frame
Max Load on Rack: 135kg / 300lbs, Max User Weight Capacity: 135kg / 300lbs / 21.5 Stone, Max Load on Leg & Arm Curl: 45kg / 100lbs, Frame: 14 gauge solid steel, Upholstery: 2.5″ thick
Assembled Dimensions: Height: 162.5cm (64″) x Width: 120.5cm (47.5″) x Length: 203.2cm (80″), Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 years parts, bushings and brackets, 1-year upholstery

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