Polar T31 Transmitter

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Works with current models except the CS600 and RS800 but does not eliminate interference (cross-talk) from other units
Includes sealed transmitter and elastic strap(M)
Its purpose is to transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit


The Polar T31 Coded transmitter is used to accurately transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit. using ECG (electrocardiogram) signals, this coded belt will precisely and consistently provide the feedbacxk you need to stay on track.
Transmits heart rate data to Polar monitors using 5kHz transmission and compatible gym equipment. Compatible heart rate monitors include, but are not limited to: FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80, RS100, RS300X, RS400, RCX5
Individually coded to pick up your heart rate monitor and not others nearby. This eliminates cross-talk with other electronic devices in the same area.
Slim, lightweight, and waterproof design
Fits 25 to 54 inch chest size
Average battery lifetime is 2500 hours of use. Non user replaceable battery

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