Safe, Fast Weight Loss – How to Safely Lose 10 Pounds in 12 Days Fast

Are you looking for safe, fast weight loss? If so then today I will provide you with some very good ideas of how to safely lose 10 pounds in 12 days fast. What’s even better is that you can lose as much as 30+ pounds using this weight loss system known as calorie shifting. First I’ll describe another natural and easy way to drop the weight.


A Necessary Step for Losing Weight


Colon Cleanse/PGX: If you haven’t already, start a thorough 30 day colon cleanse, you’ll quickly and easily lose 5-15 pounds and it will improve your overall health! In addition to which I would suggest you try a natural supplement known as PGX which binds to starches & sugars which you consume and carries them out of the body before they have a chance to absorb into the body.


Many people when taking PGX are able to lose weight very easily & safely of course as PGX also helps to balance out blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics. The only downside of PGX is that it must be taken with each meal and the pills are a little on the large size but for that reason it also comes in a powder shake mix.


The #1 Safest & Fastest Way to Lose Weight!


It’s known as the calorie shifting diet and what’s involved is eating food! That’s it and unlike low calorie diets, I’m not talking about eating less but in fact in most cases eating more food than you may already eat! You’re probably wondering how this could ever work, but here’s how. With the calorie shifting diet you effectively trigger your metabolism by keeping the body at all times satisfied which “allows” your metabolism to burn fat. The next step is to change the calories eaten at each meal every day by a great enough degree that it effectively triggers your metabolism to burn calories continually.


What’s amazing is that by following this technique of eating you will burn fat at a very fast rate by just eating. Best of all it’s perfectly safe & natural as you aren’t doing anything dangerous like starving your body as low calorie diets often require.

Source by Rachel Archer