Short Bursts and Drills Get You Faster Results! Training HIIT!

The # 1 excuse as to why people do not exercise, is they do not have time. But to me, that's an excuse that makes me roll my eyes. HO HUM! Excuses never get you anywhere but just an eye roll. You know you should exercise and you may want to exercise more, but some days, it is tough to fit in a full hour long work out. But the good news is that even fitting in a small quick high intensity work out or drills, will keep you motivated, keep the metabolism firing, and keep you focused on a lifestyle for fitness.

Some of the BEST moves you can do, are short bursts that take you into an anaerobic state. Training anaerobically is when your muscles switch over to using the fast twitch portion of the muscle fiber, which draws on the glycogen stores to power through the exercise. This is a short term exercise, one your body can not handle doing at this rate of intensity for a long time. Think back when you had to run the track in either PE class or even for the athletic season. When you were told to run 2 times around the track, you jogged it out and burst your run at the end. Primarily, that run was aerobic, using the endurance portion of your muscle fiber, the slow twitch fiber. But when you were being clocked to run the 100 meter dash, you went all out as fast as you can! Because the finish line was just RIGHT THERE! You knew it would be over ASAP! That's anaerobic when you push as fast and as hard as you can, drawing on your fast twitch muscle fibers.

Slow twitch muscle fiber training is when you primarily train for endurance. Lifting light weight for many many reps. Or staying in the aerobic zone. When you primarily train this muscle group, you create a flat thin strong muscle. Think of a marathon runners body type.

Fast twitch muscle fiber training is when you primarily train for power and strength. Lifting heavy weight, slow and for a few reps. Or burst training in the anaerobic phase. When you primarily train this muscle group, you build a thicker, stronger, more powerful muscle belly. Think of a sprinters body from the Olympics.

Muscle burns fat. So if you work hard in training both fibers, you will balance out your body best. Building more muscle will allow you to burn more calories at rest.

So back to having no time for exercise. Fit in short quick anaerobic bursts! You can scatter this through your day- or just pick 15 straight mins and PUSH!

Here are some examples of some drills:

  1. Jumping jacks- vary the tempo, go for time, go for speed, go for depth.
  2. Squat Jumps – scoop the abs, power through the legs and go for time!
  3. Quick high knee runs – Go for time! Run the arms as fast as you can by your side. Alternate with fast football feet, wide knee runs, mud runs
  4. Suicides – shuffle touch the floor as fast as you can side to side
  5. Skater Leaps – vary the speed, vary the quantity side to side (singles, doubles, 4 steps..etc) jumping over an object.

You do not need equipment, a gym, or even a trainer to get your work out in. You can just drop and do some push ups! Fit in something so your body stays revved up!

Source by Christine Dwyer