Sportstech Recumbent Exercise Bike ES600 and all you need to know

Sportstech Recumbent Exercise Bike ES600



Sportstech Recumbent Exercise Bike ES600

Burn your calories just lying down.

You are looking for an effective cardiovascular training, want to improve your condition, boost your fat burning and strengthen muscles? Then the ES600 is the optimal training partner. Benefit from a varied range of programs, the closed ball bearing for long life or the self-generator system, with which you can easily produce the electricity yourself.

The whisper-quiet belt drive made the ES600 the perfect fitness machine for the home.



Place the ES600 in your home where you want it and not just because it’s a power outlet.
He does not need these. Because you produce the power for the console while you train.
This not only saves money and electricity but is also good for the environment.










Clearly arranged multifunction console, you always have all important information in view.

Find all the functions in a short time using the buttons.
Connect your smart device to the console and, in addition to exciting features, navigate everything from your tablet or smartphone.
Train even more effectively with the e-Health App and track your training results at any time.
You can also easily launch and navigate all programs from the app using your smart device.

Hand on the heart

How do you train more effectively?
How to improve stamina and how to burn fat?
For all these questions can answer your H-E-A-R-T

Use the built-in HRC function in combination with the hand pulse meters or, for even more precise results,
an extra pulse belt to reach your goals even faster.

The ES600 offers you an optimal seat feeling,
so even longer training sessions are easy and, above all, painless.

The comfort seat with upholstered backrest is adjustable in height.

The integrated armrests additionally ensure safety during training.

To adjust the recumbent ergometer optimally to your height and to be able to vary the training positions, the handlebar is also height adjustable.

Thus, an intense and sometimes longer workout on the ES600 is nothing contrary.

Ball-Bearing – The ES600 has a high quality closed ball bearing. This is an important criterion for the longevity of the device.

Non-slip Pedals – Size-adjustable anti-slip pedals prevent the feet from slipping and provide safety.

Transport Wheels – Practical integrated transport wheels ensure easy and lightning-fast storage. Just lift and push.

magnetic braking System – In addition to the very low-noise use, the magnetic brake system has a decisive advantage: There is no wear of the materials. This makes the ES600 durable, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Installation dimensions (LxWxH) 1630 x 635 x 1120 mm
Packing dimension (LxWxH) 1700 x 300 x 700mm
net weight 46.4 kg
gross weight 51.5 kg
Maximum user weight 150 kg


Play video to find out more about the Sportstech Recumbent Exercise Bike ES600