The Benefits Of HIIT Training

Today, I will reveal the benefits of HIIT training and how it can aid your abdominal development. Achieving great abs really is a matter of knowing what works for your body. However the secret tips I have shown you over the last week will help to make the difference between success and failure or achieving your goals in a matter of months or years.

HIIT training is the single most effective methods of burning your fat, whilst maintaining muscle gains. Steady state cardio has long reigned as the ruler of effective fat loss and until recently was universally acknowledged as the best way to rid your body of fat. However, HIIT training has certainly demonstrated that steady-state cardio is NOT the most effective way and provides a better alternative to burning fat AND maintaining your lean muscle.

A great visual demonstration of the benefits of HIIT training is to match the slender, lightly muscled frame of someone who spends most of their training time on the treadmill against HIIT advocates. Olympic sprinters use HIIT type training to achieve their success and just take a moment to think how sprinters look? Compare the sculpted powerful six-packed frames of sprinters (interval work) against that of your 5000m runner (steady-state aerobic cardio). Which do you find more appealing?

HIIT training is anaerobic exercise which means that drills or reps are of such intensity that the muscle receives insufficient oxygen to meet the demands of the activity. Such brief high-intensity spurts broken up by periods of rest are known to melt fat for long periods of time. HIIT workouts elevate your metabolism and promote EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) to burn more calories.

You can expect to experience other benefits such as increased strength, endurance, flexibility, joint health, blood pressure, and bone strength. Personally, I believe are bodies have always been best suited and respond to high-intensity stop-start activities. Much like a lion in the wild, we have always been best adapted to short bursts of high-intensity interval activity and rest rather than long endurance activity. Some of the world’s best elite distance runners will gladly share the adverse muscle and hormonal changes that distance running demands from their bodies.

So keep in mind the massive benefits you will receive from HIIT training and how much it may reduce your stubborn belly fat! Remember also the importance of proper stretching afterwards to prevent injuries.

Source by Sebastian Turrichi