The Importance of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) To Speed-Up Fat Loss

Several studies have been done on the effectiveness of HIIT , one of those studies was called The Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism…In this study two groups were separated into an HIIT Group and an Endurance Training Group performed for the same amount of time per day.

At the conclusion of the study, the HIIT group lost over 3 times as much subcutaneous fat (the fat lying under the skin) despite burning less than half as many calories during the workouts as the Endurance Training Group. The Endurance Training group lost 4.5mm of subcutaneous fat versus the HIIT group who lost 13.9mm. This proves that if you practice HIIT training, the majority of calories burned will come after your workout!

I recommend three 20 minute HIIT sessions a week to produce significant fat-burning effects for a period of 4-8 weeks. Personally, I like to cycle my HIIT and do it for 4 weeks and then take a break from it until I feel like I need it again….example: one month on, two months off, and then repeat.

HIIT can be done with many different forms of aerobics, although my favorite is either on a treadmill, running track, or a bike….you should strive to push yourself up to a 90% of your maximum and by the final set, you should be begging for mercy.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do HIIT is called “walk back sprinting”….with this exercise, you sprint anywhere from 100 yards to 800 yards (1/2 mile) and then change directions and walk back to your starting point and repeat for a total of 20 minutes which includes a short 1-2 minute warm up and a 1 minute cool down. On a bike, I find it best to measure 1/2 mile (you can even use your car to find out how far 1/2 mile marker is from home) and then do repeats going as fast as you can to the 1/2 mile marker and then turning around for a leisure ride back….this should take you approximately 3-4 minutes per set.

This is the Treadmill routine that I developed for myself when I first started HIIT, and to this day I still use it when I want to burn fat or improve my athletic performance, but I also like to do HIIT sprints on my bike outdoors.

My 20 Minute HIIT Treadmill Routine

Minute 0-2 = Speed 5

Minute 2-3 = Speed 6

Minute 3-4 = Speed 7

Minute 4-5 = Speed 8

Minute 5-6 = Speed 9

Minute 6-7 = Speed 6

Minute 7-8 = Speed 7

Minute 8-9 = Speed 8

Minute 9-10 = Speed 9

Minute 10-11 = Speed 6

Minute 11-12 = Speed 7

Minute 12-13 = Speed 8

Minute 13-14 = Speed 9

Minute 14-15 = Speed 6

Minute 15-16 = Speed 7

Minute 16-17 = Speed 8

Minute 17-18 = Speed 9

Minute 18-19 = Speed 10

Minute 19-20 = Speed 5

Changing the speed every 60 seconds after the 2 minute warm-up really makes time fly and before you know it’s over. You can give it a try and change the numbers to fit your own max speed….this works and makes you sweat like crazy, so by minute 10, if you’re not sweating pretty hard then you need to make it more intense! By minute 18-19 you should be at 90% of your maximum effort and heart rate leading up to your final cool down minute.

Source by DJ Morris