The Number 1 Golden Rule For Permanent Body Fat Loss

Most of us at one time or another have been on some sort of weight loss or diet program in the hope of losing a few pounds. Whether it's to maintain good health, fit into a smaller dress, or a smaller size it is something that many of us strive for. While some of us do see success in our efforts many of us can never seem to maintain it. Have you ever lost weight by eating right and exercising – and then found yourself several months later back right where you started?

Well this is not an uncommon scenario. Thousand of those people who go on weight loss diets and some form of exercise end up putting it all back on and then some in future months – why is this so?

A lot of this has to do with the fact that when you lose weight – you actually not only lose fat but you also lose lean muscle. For every kilo of weight you lose on the scales half is made up of fat and the other half of muscle.

The fact is lean muscle is not only important for strength but is also very important for maintaining your normal metabolism – and this allows you to burn off more calories. So if you think about it like this – if half the weight you lose is lean muscle it is going to be very hard for you to get rid of any future fat gains because you now have less of it – your metabolism will not stay normal if this occurs.

This is why so many people go on the 'weight loss merry go round' or are considered 'yo-yo dieters' – because they lose weight only to have it all put back on again. The number 1 golden rule for permanent fat loss is to be able to keep your lean muscle mass while dieting so you metabolism can stay normal which in turn will make you body burn more kilojoules. If you body is in a good metabolic state you will not be susceptible for future weight gain.

Source by Liz Musolino