The Surefire Way to Burn Fat While You Sleep Tonight

Too often we hear people say that they are not able to lose weight because they have no money for the gym, no time to work out, or their workouts are just not producing the desired results. While losing weight may sound like a daunting task for some, it's always possible to lose weight and start enjoying the life you deserve. All you really need is a little time. There is no gym membership or equipment needed. Allow me to break it down for you so that you can start changing your life today.


This is one hot topic that has been widely discussed all around the web. There are 2 different types of cardio. There is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio workouts and each one comes with a list of pros and cons. HIIT is high intensity training that comes with the after-burn effect, which is the fat burning that takes place after your workout. After a session of this type of intestinal training, your body will continue to maintain a high metabolism rate so that you will continue to burn fat for a long period of time. HIIT mainly burns fat after the workout, instead of during the workout. Such high intensity training burns more fat overall and demands a shorter workout session as compared to LISS cardio.

On the other hand, LISS is low intensity training where cardio done at a low to moderate intensity level. LISS burns fat only during the training session, since requiring a longer duration of time for this low intensity workout. One of the most common LISS exercises is jogging. Low intensity training, such as jogging, works to increase stamina rather than fat burning. Think about your observations of people at the gym. It is very common to see people on treadmills chit chatting or reading magazines while running. Judging from such observations, it is obvious that LISS is less intense and there is an inferior way to burning away fat.

For maximum fat burning, HIIT is the way to go since it not only helps with weight loss, but also requires workouts of a much shorter duration.

Getting the after-burn effect

With a great workout comes great after-burn. Fortunately, hitting the gym will not be necessary to get that after-burn effect. The truth is that you can simply modify normal at-home exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups and transform them into a high intensity workout. HIIT consist of a high intensity workout followed by some low intensity exercises. Sprinting is a really good example. First, you should select a distance and then run that distance as fast as you can. Once you hit the finish line, turn around and slowly walk back to the starting point. This period of walking will be your recovery period. Simply repeat this cycle for higher intensity training.

For push-ups and sit-ups, simply do as many of them as possible until you can barely do even one more rep. That would count as one set. When you fall to the ground and can do no more, that would have considered the end of your set. Take a short break and go for another set when your energy has replenished. Do not worry if you are totally worn out in just one or two sets because you are pushing your body to the limit. These are really good quality workouts that will burn a greater amount of fat for hours or even days to come. Beside, HIIT also consumes less time as compared to LISS. HIIT workout sessions take only 10-20 minutes, since making them perfect for people with a busy lifestyle or less time to devote to working out.

Burn more fat with full body exercises

Ever wondered why your six packs is still hidden in a layer of fat even though you're doing a ridiculous amount of sit-ups? Sit-ups are one of the best exercises you can do to build your abdominal muscles. However, sit-ups are considered an isolated exercise because they are not a fat burning exercise. By doing sit-ups alone, you are building your abs without burning much fat. Therefore, you should not expect to see results anytime soon.

What you can do is incorporate other fat burning exercises into your training regimen. To put it simply, fat is stored energy that can be burnt through certain types of workouts. To achieve this purpose, it's best to select a variety of exercises that require full body movements for maximum fat burning opportunities. You should try to focus on exercises that require movement of your entire body, as opposed to those that just target a single body part. For example, swimming would be a really good choice, as you must simultaneously use multiple body parts to perform movements in the water. Alternately, we can also combine different exercises such as squats, push-ups, and weight lifting to help in the fat burning process. I am sure that there are hundreds of other workouts which will fit this criterion. Just make sure that these workouts are performed at a high intensity for maximum impact and results.

High intensity workouts are not going to be comfortable, but we can only improve our bodies by working outside of our comfort zone. Be consistent, and remember to take a one or two days break after each workout. Accumulation of your efforts will surely pay off. Now you know just what you need to do today so that you can keep burning fat while you sleep tonight. If you would prefer a step by step guide and more details, consider getting an exercise guide or following a specific weight loss program. For some people, following a specific program will lessen their frustration while helping them make sure that they are staying on the right track.

Source by Drake Ryver