Three Important Tips on Weight Loss and Dieting

The universal key to weight loss is diet modification. But the success rates are not good and only a small number of dieters really achieves endurance weight loss, according to statistics. There are many tips on dieting, tips on weight loss and tips on exercising that are reasonable everywhere, but if you roll them down to one web page article, they become three simple tips. Here are these tips on dieting that you can rely on to help you effectively and healthily lose weight.

Tip 1: Never Ever Skip Breakfast

For dieters, and for almost everyone, the saying "The most important meal of your day is breakfast" is indeed true. Our metabolism is geared for action when you have a healthy breakfast after a good rest the entire night.

Sleep is as vital as food, however, we must not forget that our body is at rest while sleeping, same as our metabolism. It slows down when we are, so a good hearty breakfast will help to jumpstart our metabolism and kick it up several notches. Breakfast, though, should be a well-balanced assortment of options such as cereals and whole grain bread, low fat milk or yoghurt, and fruits or fruit juices. Throwing in some greens and vegetables can help, too.

Tip 2: Hydrate, Rehydrate and Sleep Well

When you are dieting, getting substantial sleep and drinking plenty of fresh and clean water are critical. Drinking water not only keeps us healthy, it also helps in keeping us feeling hydrated and full, which helps stop those soda cravings, coffee fixes and alcohol thirst. If you are still not aware, all of the abovementioned could add huge amounts of calories to our diet.

There were many studies and researches conducted that have proven the effectiveness and critical part that sleep plays in weight loss. According to the American Medical Association Journal, loss of sleep can increase the difficulty of losing weight. So to ensure that your road to final goal does not get encumbered by hidden barriers, drink more water than your normal intake and sleep adequately.

Tip 3: Calories Count, so Count them Right Back

Know how many calories is needed to maintain your present weight, and also know how many of those calories you should consume so that you can lose weight. Once you have this information, you can then keep track of the number of calories you typically consume in a day, and then compare them to what your target is. This way, you can make the necessary adjustments. One rule is to write down your consumption after every meal to help you analyze and realize the minute effects of one candy here and a cookie there.

Here are but a few tips out of the millions out there. With this in mind, lots of luck to your weight loss and always remember that if you keep those little bits and pieces of tips you stumble upon, you are sure to achieve even tiny successes that will accumulate to a big loss on your weight.

Source by Peter Sibierski