To Cardio or Not To Cardio

In my ongoing research into health, fitness, and weight loss, I have been coming across many books and systems that state we can lose weight without cardiovascular exercises, also referred as cardio. I of course became curious, being that cardio was central to my own weight loss success. Was this mere hype, or were they on to something? Suppose all those hours and hours spent doing cardio training were not really necessary for me to experience my own rapid weight loss? I had been wrong before concerning weight loss, so I decided to investigate these websites and see what they were about.

Naturally, most would not even reveal a hint about their methods; they simply hyped the claimed results of using their system accompanied by testimonials, unless you actually purchased their materials. I went ahead and bought a random sampling of these to see if they did contain any new knowledge concerning weight loss. Here is what I found. A few contained outright unreliable weight loss information that would be as effective in helping your weight loss as those ab machines we see on early morning infomercials. A couple of systems focused entirely on strength training, ignoring any form of cardiovascular training. Strength training is a vital component of any fitness or weight loss regimen; however, it alone will not produce fat loss results at a rate most of us would find acceptable. Interestingly, the remainder of the systems I checked out advocated high-intensity interval training, also known simply as interval training. The funny thing is interval training is form of cardiovascular training, a highly effective form. Just going by own experience, doing interval training correctly will get the weight loss results most people want, and give other health benefits too. Interval training consists of alternating between high intensity and medium intensity with the intent of giving a higher total calorie burn versus doing the session at a constant intensity. You can then achieve the same results in a shorter period or if your endurance is sufficient push yourself longer and achieve even greater results.

So, in the end, cardio training seems to be the one method for losing weight that is needed for most people. Books, systems, or programs which claim no cardio is needed to lose weight either contain ineffective methods, methods that do not go far enough, or still use cardio but call it a different name for marketing purposes. This is not a bad thing, after all a strong and healthy heart forms the basis of being in good physical shape and benefits one in all aspects of their life.

Source by Don Carlin