Top Four Weight Loss Methods

If you go through print and digital media you will come across thousands of weight loss methods. Do all these methods work? This is a big question. Obesity is a big problem these days. In developed countries every third person is obese another one third are considered overweight as they have strong tendencies to move to the obese group.

People have realized that obesity is a curse that deteriorates social, family and professional life of a person. Over the last few years we have noted that the ratio of obese people is not increasing as fast as it increased in the last decade. People are looking for different weight loss methods and implementing them in their lives to improve the life standards.

After thorough research the European Weight loss Society has come up with top four methods that can be of great help in reducing body weight. These weight loss methods are guaranteed to work. You will notice that most of these methods emphasize diet as compared to exercise. Similar recommendations were issued by American Society of Nutritionists.

1. Decreasing the total quantity of food intake:

You do not have to be very specific about which foods you should avoid. On the general basis if you are reducing your food intake by 50 percent you will get rid of almost 50 percent of total calories. So, the type of food does not really matter.

2. Changing your food without decreasing the total quantity of food:

Not every person can stand fasting. Hunger cramps stop thousands of people from following a strict weight loss plan. This method is suitable for those guys who want to eat as much as they want and still lose body weight. You just have to stop cooking your food in oil and butter and eliminate fats and excessive carbohydrates from your diet.

3. Increase fiber intake:

Fibers not only fill you up but also help in improving your digestion. Extra time is taken in chewing fibrous diet that leads to early satisfaction during a meal and excessive secretion of enzymes in the gut.

4. Doing mild exercises but for a longer period of time:

Exercises and workout have an important role in any weight loss plan. Workouts are only suited for those guys who want to turn body weight into muscles without decreasing total body weight. Mild exercises like cycling, walking, running or stair climbing are ideal to achieve long term goals.

Source by Charlie C Jameson