Turbo Fire Vs Insanity?

Not too long ago Shaun t came out with his crazy and insane workout "Insanity". Those who are familiar with beachbody know this workout and those who do not know beachbody. This became one of the hardest workout DVD's out on the market because of it's intense workouts.

Now Beachbody just released another intense workout by Chalene Johnson called "Turbo Fire". This is another high intestinal workout that will get your heart going and make you burn fat 9X more than regular cardio. The question is which one is better? Turbo fire or Insanity?

What is Turbo Fire really about?
Turbo Fire uses a method called HIIT's which stands for High Intense Interval Training. A HIIT can last up to 30 seconds to a minute but however long that HIIT is worth you get to take that exact amount of time for a break and during that HIIT you have to give it your all.

What is Insanity really about?
Insanity uses a method call Max Interval Training. It takes cardio and pushing it outside the box and makes you go intense. You do long intense hard workouts with short periods of rest to get that maximum results. Like most cardio you do a certain pace then you ramp it up high for a bit but Insanity is reverse.

They both do not need weights to do this program. All they ask is that you push play everyday and you will see awesome results. You need to make sure you follow the nutrition guide to get those results. You can not do a workout with out a good eating plan and you can not have a good eating plan without exercise.

Now which one is better? I think the question is which would be better for YOU? Everyone is different so there is really no "this is better than this". Turbo fire is designed that everyone can do the workout. There are ways that if you have not worked out in a while you can do it. Insanity is more for those who have exercised and want a challenge. In either one you give it your all. Insanity however is a little easier to follow with the exercises. Turbo fire takes some getting used to the moves but you do your best and you will succeed. Think right now which would be better for you? Does Insanity sound good or Turbo Fire?

Before doing either of these programs I would recommend consulting a doctor when doing such a high intestinal workout.

So be the judge and think which one is better? They both give awesome results and make you sweat but which one is right for you?

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Source by Justin Bushey