Use an Elliptical Trainer for the Best Whole Body Workout

Elliptical trainers have in recent years been considered the best way to get a complete body body cardio workout. They really shine when comes to burning calories. Many exercise physiologist and physical therapist consider elliptical exercise machines to be the best tool to exercise your entire body. Primarily because they require very low impact and stress to your joints, bones and muscles. If you are lucky enough to have one in your home or apartment then you can use it no matter what the outdoor weather conditions. No excuses for not toning up and slimming down.

There are many options available to you when selecting an in home elliptical trainer. Your level of fitness and your overall fitness goals and how much you can afford to pay will effect your decision. Purchasing a machine that will still meet your exercise needs 6 months or a year from now when your body has begun change is an important consideration. The best way to find out what fits you is to test ride the models of elliptical trainers that you are interested in. This can be done at the dealer's showroom or local fitness center. Plan to spend at least thirty minutes of riding on each model. Each model is different and one size does not fit everyone. Remember if the machine is not comfortable to use then it is likely you will not use it as much as you should to achieve your fitness goals.

Stride length is very important. Experts suggest that the stride length should be between 18-21 inches. The elliptical motion should be stable, smooth and steady. The Key to the elliptical trainers' is there ability to burn calories as they allow you to exercise longer without strain. The elliptical trainer should feel steady with no wobbling or jerky movements. The feeling is described as running on air when an elliptical trainer is in tune with its rider. The design of the handles should allow a firm grip while allowing the arms to complete the upper body workout. Pedals are important and should allow you to have enough room to adjust to our foot body style. They also should be sturdy and well built and designed to keep your feet securely on them. Listen for noise especially rattles and rubbing all of which are an indication of poor quality. The console should be easy to read and have the features that you are interested in. Resistance levels should change flawlessly.

Elliptical trainers are not cheap at least the good ones are not. It is recommended that you will be willing to spend at least $ 1000 or more for a quality elliptical machine. Most experts agree that the more expensive elliptical trainers have a better track record when it comes to reliability, comfort and features. Make sure you check out and read the customer reviews of the each model and manufacture you are considering. Spend time at your local fitness center or YMCA asking questions as to what machines are having problems and which ones are more durable. Ask about customer service problems. This is time well spent. If you happen to see a technician working on your gyms fitness equipment ask them what machines they would recommend. Who would know better about elliptical trainer reliability than the people who fix them? We suggest that you always consider an extended warranty when purchasing any piece of fitness equipment.

Elliptical trainers do provide a very good whole body workout. Most quality trainers will calculate how many calories you are burning when you enter your weight into the machine. Research has shown that about 650 calories are burned per hour using an elliptical trainer. You can see why so many people consider an elliptical trainer the best way to slim down and tone up.

Source by Jim Kesel