Using Elliptical Machines For Sculpting the Perfect Beach Body

The time of year always fast approaches where you all of a sudden realize that your planned vacation in the sun is only three months away. You slowly begin to fantasize about lying by the pool or on a beach with a nice refreshing drink under the blistering sun. Soon reality hits. It is still a while yet until the fantasy becomes reality and your body still requires a lot of hard work to achieve the perfect beach body.

It is common knowledge that with a mixture of aerobic workouts, toning exercises, strength training, along with a healthy diet that you can achieve a firmly toned body in no time. The diet is down to you and you have to remain disciplined but for the aerobic part of the equation, the best equipment to use has to be elliptical machines.

Elliptical machines combine a full body workout with optimal calorie burn, similar to that of running on a treadmill. Dual action motion means that the body has to use more muscles to keep it moving and the heart therefore has to work harder. This not only means that the metabolism rises to burn more fat, but the muscles in the legs and arms will tone at the same time.

The great things about elliptical machines are the ability to adjust the resistance and also choose the kind of workout program you want to perform. Interval training has to be the best form of workout, alternating bursts of moderate and high pace. By increasing the resistance, you increase how hard the muscles have to work so in essence it helps to build strength and muscle. The more muscle mass, the more calories you will burn.

For added benefit you should still perform core training and work on the likes of the back, abdominals, and obliques. But whenever the fat trims away from all the daily workouts on elliptical machines, the end product will be the perfect beach body and the envy of all onlookers.

A great idea is to purchase an elliptical machine for the home, so you have no excuse for not making an effort leading up to vacation time, especially if you do not feel confident attending the gym. The flexibility with elliptical machines combined with working out where you feel comfortable will help keep motivation and discipline at a high level and be ideal for sculpting the perfect beach body.

Source by Simon Patterson