Using High Intensity Interval Training Workouts For Effective Weight Loss

The best way you can implement a lot of cardio into your exercise routine is to use an interval training exercise. This is really just a form of your cardio and how it is completed. In reality it is very exciting, takes little time, and burns additional calories. It will not be the long, slow boring stuff so many people put themselves through every January. This is a workout routine that you can burn fat and speed up your endurance levels at the same time.

The basic concept of interval training is that you will perform your exercise, say running at varying times. There would be a five-minute warm-up followed by about ten minutes of your intervals. The times and intensity would differ for the period and are never set in stone. So you could just have one minute at an extreme intensity followed by another minute at your warm-up rate. You will then finish the workout with a five-minute cool down.

It's hard to believe sometimes that an interval training workout is so effective considering you are working out for such a short period of time. However, it works because of the way you work out. During these periods of high intensity you are running at a much higher rate than you will if you were doing the typical steady state cardio.

This greater intensity you are working out will turn into additional calories that you would burn during your resting period the reminder of the day. You have fired your body more by doing this and you will then have more to recover from causing your metabolism to increase. This is precisely why an interval training workout would allow you to burn more fat than the regular cycling cardio session.

There are a lot of different interval training routines which you can actually perform. I stated above just as an instance that you could do running. In fact, any type of cardio which can be performed can be used with interval training. You can do everything from running, to biking, swimming, or even just basic calisthenics. As long as you are doing the exercise at a high intensity and accordingly do that with varying intervals you could in reality complete your interval training exercise just fine.

It is impossible to talk about exercising without mentioning that you bought to be also implementing a lot of healthy eating habits into your daily life. All of the exercising you are doing is going to be completely worthless unless you make sure that you consume healthy food. If you continue to put junk into your body, then you would not be able to achieve any health / fitness goals which you may have. As the old saying goes, "you can not outwork a bad diet." And that is the truth. You could work out until you pass out, but if you continue to consume food in a way that destroys your body and adds fat, you will never meet your goals.

A good strength training program is also critical to incorporate into any interval training workout. My personal recommendation will be Turbulence Training. I lost 40 pounds while on this exercise program and it is where I learned about interval training. This is the perfect complement to your exercise routine.

Source by Randy Disert