Wedding Weight Loss

With June fast approaching, many brides-to-be, not to mention husbands-to-be are thinking of shaping up and losing those extra-unwanted pounds. After all if there is one time in your life to look great it is your wedding day. There is just something inside of us that tells us that today is the day for me to be at my best and that includes losing weight for my wedding!

With all hoopla that goes into planning this big event, it is no wonder that brides (and grooms) end up packing on a few extra pounds. After all, how many brunches, parties, girls’ night outs, guys’ night outs, showers, and dinners serve low fat, low calorie foods? None that I have ever seen or been to…

As a recent Mother Of The Groom, I can testify about the battle to lose weight to look good in “the” dress. My odyssey started in January of 2007 with our son proposing to a wonderful woman. It did not dawn on me until about a month went by that I needed to lose weight for the wedding. It all started with trying to find a dress. (And I am sure that many Brides feel the same way about pre-wedding diets.) All the dresses made me look fat. Of course it wasn’t the dresses’ fault it was mine. But it is always easier to blame the dress.

Then the quest began to lose weight. I tried in February to start dieting, but Valentine’s Day put an abrupt end to that. In March, finally there came a glimmer of hope and help in the form of a program that helps a person lose weight naturally, and gradually. Over the course of the next few months I lost one dress size. The dresses I tried on were looking better and better, and so was I.

My son and his to-be wife started to worry that I was going to attend their wedding in my jeans. The Bride’s mother had had her dress for months. But by this time, I had lost another dress size! Now the dresses I tried on didn’t look like “MOM”, but “MOMMAAAA”. It did my heart good. Not only was I looking better, but I was feeling much better too. Now was the time to seriously go shopping!!

It was a happy coincidence that about this time many of the more formal dresses also went on sale at the stores I was considering. What luck! The wedding was going to be late in the afternoon with the reception lasting until around 10 pm, so I decided to only look at the more dressy selections. At one count, I think I tried on at least 40 dresses, but only one really captured by heart and imagination. So bolstered by my new body size, and confidence I boldly bought this party pants outfit that really fit.

At the wedding and later at the reception, everyone commented on how “nice” I looked. The relatives that hadn’t seen me for a while all asked if I had lost weight. Our son and new daughter-in-law were both glad and proud. I had a great time dancing with my husband of 31 years.

So my story turned out great. Hope yours does also!

Take care and love yourself.

Frances Lewis

Source by Frances Lewis