Weight Loss Failures – Why Your Diet Is not Working

Today there are more people suffering with obesity than ever before.

It seems that despite the medical advances in areas such as diet and exercise and the billions of dollars spent in research to find the perfect weight loss solution we are more overweight than ever.

The primary cause of this ever increasing weight problem is our dependency on dieting. In theory dieting sounds like the right thing to do to help us lose weight. But as almost everyone who has ever died knows what works theoretically doen't always work in a practical real world setting.

And here are some of the reasons why.

Depriving yourself food goes against every survival response in the body. And yet most diet methods practice denial of certain foods. While you can and probably will lose weight dieting in this way, it's impossible to maintain in the long run and creates within the dieter many negative emotional reactions to themselves and their eating.

While you can rely on willpower and discipline to nullify your bodies normal response to denial of food in the short term, willpower never works as a long term solution. That's not what it's not designed for.

When you try and lose weight through diet measures, you often do not pay enough attention to the effect this has on your nervous system and physiological homeostasis. The nervous system is resistant to change and likes things to remain as they are. If we fail to consider the strength of this basic survival priority, that the status quo within our bodies must be maintained, losing weight becomes very difficult and the ride on the weight loss roller coaster continues.

A huge part of the problem many have with losing weight is the innate neurological response that drives the body back towards it's normal physiological range of function. Not necessarily what is best for it, but what it has grown used to, what has now become normal.

And do not even think about trying to speed up the weight loss process. The rapid weight loss approach so popular these days is more likely to result in weight gain but than weight loss once the honeymoon period is over. Rapidly losing weight creates a bounce back effect where the quicker you lose the weight the stronger the body responds in an attempt to return to it's normal physiological state and weight. And if this is not bad enough, more often than not you will actually be heavier than when you started.

So what's the solution? Clearly not dieting. What we need to do is create change within this normal neurological response that is no longer working for us. And this can only be done by going slowly and easily and allowing the body to take as long as it needs to get comfortable with the changes you are making.

A lot of the information that is given as fact these days in relation to weight loss is clearly not that factual at all. Overweight people are everywhere and growing in weight and number. The current scientific approach is clearly not helping things and a cynic may say, based on overwhelming evidence, that the current thinking is actually making the situation worse. We need a complete change in our thinking about weight loss if we are to create the changes we are looking for not only as individuals but as a society.

Source by Serge Taylor