Weight Loss Meal Plans: The Easy Way

When deciding on a professionally-designed or a self-designed weight loss meal plan, there are certain musts that need to be incorporated into the diet. Otherwise, the dieter will most likely end up being overly frustrated and disenchanted by the diet due to the lack of real results in fat loss.

The first element that should be taken into every weight loss plan is protein. Protein builds muscles. Protein burns fat. Protein repairs our injuries. The amino acids that make up the proteins are absolutely essential. In fact, one gram of protein per one pound of body weight is considered the right amount to take per day. As the person's weight drops, the protein amount should reflect the person's overall weight.

If the dieter is a vegetarian, there are plenty of non-meat sources of protein; like beans, soy, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables, like broccoli, cucumbers, and spinach.

For meat eaters, the leanest form of meat-based protein is fish, like salmon that has up to 39 grams of protein per serving to 21 grams of fat. Also, the fat from fish has essential acids, making the meat an ideal protein source.

The next piece of the weight loss meal plan puzzle is the selection of good carbohydrates. Advocates of no- to low-carb diets will argue that all carbohydrates are bad, yet the body's main energy source is carbohydrates.

The difference between good carbohydrates and bad is that bad carbs rate high on the glycemic index, meaning they cause an insulin response, which taxes the pancreas and basically force feeds the cells energy and makes the body do all sort of unnatural things, causing stress on the immune system. Long-term effects of these bad foods in a regular diet are diseases like diabetes and hypoglycemia, which often lead to amputation and premature death.

Good carbs, on the other hand, are like a constant drip of energy into the blood stream. Everything is harmonious and the body reacts extremely well to these types of foods. With the unfortunately bad eating habits that the modern societies have, especially in America, it is very common to feel a sense of bodily elation after eating a salad or some low-sugared fruits.

Eating a diet rich in good carbohydrates will lead to healthy skin and hair, brilliant eyes, healthy weight loss and maintenance, help in cancer prevention, increase energy, and lengthen the expected lifespan.

The third block that makes up a weight loss meal plan that appears counterintuitive is the ingestion of fat. Fat is used in virtually every process of the body. It is essential in brain function, heart function, liver function, and many other things we would die without.

The key idea here is to avoid consuming heavily saturated fats. Some scheduled fat is necessary for cellular functions, but it should be consumed in moderation. Eating lean beef is a plentiful source of saturated fat.

Unsaturated fats are largely considered to be healthy for the human body because, in comparison to saturated fats, they do not solidify in the human body and are more ready for the body's use. Sunflower oil, olive oil, nuts, and seeds are all considered great sources of unsaturated fats.

These three essential building blocks are no secret. This is information that has been around for years. The problem is that most people do not use this information to give them their best body. If the high glucose, high saturated fats, low protein foods are cut out and replaced by what nature has provided for the perfect human body, results and satisfaction will come more easily and quickly.

So, to adopt the best weight loss meal plan, a dieter must commit themselves to the three building blocks of a super human body. Plus, instead of only thinking about how limited this perspective may seem, they need to think about the fact that within each block, there are endless varieties of foods. A good cook can make magic with ingredients from these three categories.

The best body a person has every had or ever will have is only a decision and a positive attitude away.

Source by Michael Bayshore