Weight Loss Secrets (Part 1)

What you are about to read in this article should not shock you; however it should guide you towards weight loss success. We all have to start somewhere and so we have a tendency to jump in on different fad diets and weird training programs. Before you spend another cent on anything that looks, sounds or feels appealing please read this to better your understanding of weight loss.

In the end the approach to weight loss should never be a short blitz. You may see on some television shows how people drop weight in a short amount of time. This is not healthy. If you want to drop the fat and keep it off you will need to also build some muscle to elevate the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis while dropping the fat. Putting on a little muscle will elevate your metabolism. This means that an internal weight flux will happen and the scale will not be able to truthfully tell you the accurate weight loss progress. On top of that, the scale may interfere with you psychologically because it is possible to start shrinking in all the right places and yet still weigh about the same. This is where some give up.

So, step one of the weight loss secrets is to realize that fat should not be taken off fast, you should not follow the scale and it is a good idea to put on some muscle as you are in the process of weight loss. To keep track of how much fat you have on your body with better accuracy go by the handheld electronic body fat loss monitor. All because it is not always accurate, it is still better than the scale. If you still end up going on the scale to weigh yourself, limit it to once every six weeks.

Step two of the weight loss secrets is to never drop the caloric intake to very low levels. This will tax your body beyond the norm while exercising or working out. Keep it simple in the beginning when it comes to food. Have a breakfast lunch and dinner with a snack somewhere in between the breakfast and the lunch. Try to limit the sugars and stick to more lean meat dishes with vegetables. The heaviest meals should come earliest in the day and as the day progresses the meals need to become lighter.

Source by Ilya Sulima