Weight Loss Tricks – Use These Tricks to Stay Motivated

Weight loss tricks can mean the difference between losing 5lbs in a month and losing 15. Losing weight can be a long and difficult struggle, but if you know some little tricks and special techniques you can use, you can maximise your progress and reduce the amount of time you have to struggle for. Check out the rest of this article for some of the best weight loss tricks.


Start a weight graph. The worst weight loss tricks are the ones we play on ourselves when we kid ourselves about how much we are eating and how many workouts we miss etc, and you can easily combat this by starting a weight graph. Simply get some graph paper or simple squared paper and begin weighing yourself every day. Do it at the same time each day and make sure you are just in underwear, and then plot the results on the graph. Each week join the dots together, and you will have a real chart of your progress, good or bad.


Start a food diary. Another of the weight loss tricks perennial dieters like to play on themselves when we are trying to lose weight is where we “forget” about all the naughty stuff we’ve been eating and then act all surprised when we haven’t lost anything in a while. Keep a food diary, and make a note of every single thing that you eat. Be honest, and be detailed. Note the sizes of the portions, and also the times of the day. Even better, if you know how many calories are in there, note that down too. Once you have your graph and your diary a couple of weeks you’ll be able to see what it is that’s making you have good days and bad days.


Drop the fast food. Even a little fast food, say once a week, as a treat, will set you back in your quest. Eating fast food is a weight loss trick that not even world champion dieters could pull off. The sheer amount of calories will make it tough for anyone to drop weight. It’s not just the burgers, it’s the fries too, and don’t forget about the drinks. Huge amounts of sugar in those drinks. Some fast food meals contain almost a whole day’s worth of calories. Fact! Now how can you expect to lose weight when you are eating 8 days worth of calories in a seven day week?


Have a target. If you only want to lose a few pounds, that’s fine, but picture the exact number you want to lose. One of the weight loss tricks employed by super successful slimmers is to always have goals. Obesity is a growing problem which statistically affects most Americans, so if you’d like to lose more than a few, get some books on weight loss and body mass indexation. They will be able to teach you your healthy weight for your height. Once you know that, it gives you something to shoot for. Life’s easier when there is a goal in sight.

Do you see how some simple weight loss tricks can make a huge difference? If you are trying to lose weight, these weight loss tricks will help you achieve far more than if you didn’t know them. Check out the links below for some expert weight loss advice.

Source by Emma Green