What Exactly Are the Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training?

If you are interested in learning the benefits of high intensity interval training, your concern with personal fitness is significantly greater than the average person's. High intensity interval training at its most effective level is not for the average Jane or Joe.

HIIT, as it is also referred to, can make even a professional athlete weep. But the results are worth it.

High intensity interval training has the advantage of requiring much less time to produce great results. It is designed to achieve rapid and dramatic change in your body and cardiovascular system.

In a nutshell, this is how it's done.

You begin with a warm up, followed by six to ten repetitions of alternating high and medium intensity exercise, finalized by a cool down activity. The entire session can be done in fifteen to twenty minutes.

Doing this three times per week has been compared in effect to five hours of regular work outs.

Duration of the high intensity exercise is half that of the medium intensity exercise.

Using running for an example, you would sprint at your best capacity for 30 seconds followed by a 60 second jog. Then you sprint for another 30 seconds, followed by another 60 second walk. You would repeat this six to ten times. The type of exercise you choose depends on the result you hope to achieve.

High intensity interval training is said to have topped long aerobic work outs when it comes to fat burning.

This is due to an increase in the metabolic rate for a duration of several hours following the exercise.

Athletes who are well trained and already functioning at top performance level can still benefit from HIIT by increasing their endurance level.

Are you concerned with improving personal fitness levels?

Anyone seeking to become physically fit while at the same time struggling to make 'time' ends meet, will find high intensity interval training beneficial for its good results with even small investments of time.

Source by Lis Jakub