When to Use Elliptical Training Versus Other Forms of Cardio

It is good to have exercise and make it part of your daily life. For some there are some difficulties with exercise meaning that many of the normal forms of exercise, especially cardiovascular exercises, can be difficult. One machine, the elliptical, can help with this problem.

Elliptical riders are machines that are designed to have a walking or running motion depending on how fast you go without actually having to pick up your legs. You move in a circular motion which is much easier on the body and the joints. For some people, this type of exercise is much healthier to consider.

If you are severely obese, even walking might be too hard on your knees. You might want to consider using an elliptical on limited resistance as a starting point. It is a device that will help you get your heart rate up without compromising your safety.

Some people have issues where they might need to quickly stop exercising. Some with diabetes have problems with their feet. An elliptical takes that pressure out of the impact since there is no stepping motion where the foot comes down. If you need to stop because of foot trouble, you can simply step off the machine.

As you use this machine, gain strength, and lose weight, you will always be able to move on to other things. When you have the endurance, converting over to something like running will not be too difficult since the same muscles are being challenged.

The one thing to note about using a machine like this is to make sure that your feet do not fall sleep. At times after about 45 minutes, some complains about having this problem. Going forwards and alternate backwards as well as a way to avoid having this problem during your workout.

If you can not do many other forms of cardio, get this machine so that you can do something that is more comfortable.

Source by Emile Franks